Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Our Best Espresso Drinks at Starbucks

Having Starbucks Espresso

Do you know that you can have the best espresso drinks at Starbucks? Starbucks is famous for its coffee, but most beverages are espresso based.

In addition, Starbucks offers a variety of espresso drinks to taste, ranging from creative concoctions to classic cappuccinos. Scroll down to explore more.

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Our List of Starbucks Espresso Drinks

Starbucks has an extensive menu, making it hard to keep up with everything they offer. However, if you find it hard to choose the best espresso drinks, don’t panic because this section contains a list of drinks to guide you.

Some of the espresso drinks from Starbucks include the following:

Affogato Frappuccino

Affogato frappuccino  is a traditional Italian dessert that blends ice cream and espresso to make a sweet, creamy drink. Furthermore, the Starbucks affogato frappuccino is an espresso drink only available as a secret menu item.

In addition, it has ingredients that combine to create a sweet, creamy coffee, even though it does not resemble the classic affogato.

The combination of whipped cream, chocolate, and sweetened milk contains roughly 250 calories per serving, 0.11 pounds (50 grams) of sugar, and 0.03 ounces (85 milligrams) of caffeine. Although it’s not your typical Starbucks espresso drink, it’s a wonderful treat on a hot day.


A Starbucks cappuccino resembles a latte but is stronger and richer since it contains 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 frothed milk.

Although Italians still consider Starbucks cappuccino a breakfast drink, it is a more decadent and drinkable version of an espresso that customers purchase all year long in other countries.

A serving of a Starbucks cappuccino contains 0.00459 ounces (130 milligrams) of caffeine and 80 calories. Through the milky layers, you can still taste the espresso. Although it’s pretty smooth, coffee lovers prefer a Starbucks cappuccino because they get all the caffeine without the bitterness of an espresso shot.

Caffe Americano

The Caffe Americano appears to be a regular cup of coffee but is espresso-based. The ingredients for a Caffe Americano are straightforward; all you need is an espresso and some hot, filtered water, though many people like to add milk, sugar, or sweeteners. 

Despite being easier to drink than espresso, the Starbucks Caffe Americano still has an Italian coffee drink’s rich and robust taste. It’s available all year long at Starbucks, and you can order it hot or cold.

If you order a Caffe Americano and drink it black, it has no calories. It contains zero sugar and is vegan and keto-friendly. Moreover, Caffe Americano is the perfect drink for coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of Starbucks espresso beans, and it contains roughly 0.00335 ounces (95 milligrams) of caffeine per serving.

Caffe Mocha

Starbucks mochas are so chocolatey and sweet that you hardly notice the espresso. The ingredients for the caffe mocha, which combines coffee with hot chocolate, include chocolate sauce on top, whipped cream, steamed milk, and then espresso as the base.

Although caffe mocha is not for some coffee lovers, it is ideal for individuals who enjoy combining coffee and chocolate in a ceramic cup. 

On top of that, caffe mocha has more calories than other hot espresso drinks because of the steamed milk and chocolate sauce.

Caffe mocha can boost energy because it contains 0.0772 pounds (35 grams) of sugar, 0.00335 ounces (95 milligrams) of caffeine from the espresso, and other ingredients. 

Furthermore, caffe mocha is a Starbucks espresso drink that people prefer to sugary and sweet drinks because it is sweeter than most other coffees.

Espresso (Regular Style)

Although people often drink plain espresso without whipped cream, steamed milk, or sugar, the espresso also serves as the base for many common drinks at Starbucks.

In addition, the Starbucks regular espresso is an ideal diet drink for coffee enthusiasts because it increases the metabolic rate. It is easier to burn fat when the metabolic rate is high.

Furthermore, one Starbucks espresso shot contains 0.00265 ounces (75 milligrams) of caffeine, zero calories, or sugar. Also, regular or blonde roast espressos are available; coffee purists love them for their robust and flavorful taste.

Espresso Con Panna

If you want a richer version of an espresso macchiato, espresso con panna is the best option. The espresso con panna is a beverage containing espresso, topped with a dollop of heavy cream (not whipped cream) to create a decadent and smooth top layer.

Moreover, the drink is a more upscale version of a typical Starbucks espresso or macchiato because of how effectively the espresso and cream combine. 

The espresso con panna has cream but only 35 calories per serving, making it a low-calorie espresso beverage. It is a wonderful choice for people who seek a significant energy boost from a small drink because it is only available in one size and has roughly 0.00353 ounces (100 milligrams) of caffeine per serving.

Espresso Frappuccino

There are approximately 15 other frappuccino varieties available at Starbucks; however, the espresso frappuccino is the only one that uses espresso as the base.

In addition, frappuccinos are famous for being among the most decadent drinks on the menu. Moreover, it has a more robust flavor; each mouthful exudes the intense Starbucks espresso flavor. 

Additionally, it has a thick, frothy texture and a taste similar to a coffee milkshake because it combines espresso, ice, and milk. This blended drink has 210 calories, 0.101 pounds (46 grams) of sugar, and 0.00547 ounces (155 milligrams) of caffeine.

If you are a coffee enthusiast, it’s like drinking an icy cup of delight and a Starbucks espresso that you should consider trying.

Espresso Macchiato

You will adore the Starbucks espresso macchiato if you enjoy the rich taste of espresso but find it too harsh for your palate. 

This drink starts with a double espresso base and steamed milk toppings. The steamed milk and cream combine with the crema from the coffee to give the espresso macchiato a smoother texture.

Are espresso macchiatos too strong for you? The best part is that an espresso macchiato pairs well with Starbucks-flavored syrups, and a caramel macchiato is popular. 

Furthermore, a caramel macchiato is a caramel-flavored coffee. The caramel and espresso flavors complement each other perfectly, giving the caramel macchiato a powerful but sweet flavor. The layered sauce is frequently added to the caramel macchiato foam to provide an extra taste. 

If you prefer cold espresso drinks, consider the iced caramel macchiato. It has the same flavor as a caramel macchiato.

A typical espresso macchiato has only 20 calories and 0.00335 (95 milligrams) of caffeine, whereas a caramel macchiato has 130 calories per serving, but adding additional syrup can increase the calories.

Furthermore, espresso macchiato is one of the best espresso coffees at Starbucks, whether you want an iced caramel macchiato, traditional macchiato, or a caramel macchiato.

Flat White

A flat white espresso beverage falls between a latte and a cappuccino. Additionally, the drink has a strong coffee taste since it contains ristretto shots, which are essentially pure espresso.

On top of that, the flat white has two shots of ristretto on the base, steamed milk, and a touch of foam on the top to provide a slightly creamy taste. While most other Starbucks drinks use 2% milk, the flat whites at Starbucks use whole milk. Although the stronger ristretto still cuts through, it adds a broader body to the flat white than other espresso drinks.

Moreover, a flat white is similar to a latte in several ways but has less liquid. The flat white contains steamed milk, but much less than a latte, and its signature two espresso shots give it a unique taste.

A flat white is a favorite among true coffee enthusiasts and has its unique taste, unlike lattes, which serve as a vehicle for various flavors.

In addition, there is only one size of the flat white, and each serving has 120 calories and 0.00335 ounces (95 milligrams of caffeine). You can also request an iced flat white, even though it’s not a typical request due to the cold milk.

Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso

The iced brown sugar oat milk espresso is another typical Starbucks espresso drink. The mix of brown sugar syrup and cinnamon gives this Starbucks drink a sweet but spicy taste.

The drink is among the most refreshing iced espresso drinks on the menu. Starbucks prepares it using combined blonde espresso, brown sugar syrup, and cinnamon extract. 

A barista adds oat milk and hand-shakes it over ice to make it smooth. A serving contains 120 calories, 0.0287 pounds (13 grams) of sugar, and 0.00899 ounces (255 milligrams) of caffeine, making it ideal for individuals who need a substantial energy boost from their iced coffee.

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Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

An iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso is one of Starbucks’ most common blonde espresso drinks. The drink has chocolate and nuts, which go along nicely, and adding espresso is a pure pleasure. 

In addition, a barista uses their hands to shake it over ice to create a frothy, silky texture.

Despite the chocolate flavors, this espresso drink does not taste very sweet. A typical serving contains 110 calories, 0.0353 pounds (16 grams) of sugar, and 0.00899 ounces (255 milligrams) of caffeine.

Furthermore, the iced chocolate almond milk shaken espresso may look like a chocolate milkshake, but it certainly does not taste like one, though it is an enjoyable drink for those who enjoy strong iced coffees.

Iced Espresso

If you love Italian-style coffee, iced espresso is a refreshing alternative. You can pour hot espresso over ice when making it, resulting in a refreshing but high-caffeine beverage.

On top of that, iced espresso is a lighter choice than a Starbucks frappuccino, and even though many people add syrups and flavorings, it still has few calories.

Additionally, a single serving of these espresso drinks contains 25 calories (without syrup) and 0.00282 ounces (80 milligrams) of caffeine. The combination of ice and coffee brings out the espresso flavor, making this a popular drink among those who enjoy the taste of espresso coffee from Starbucks.

Iced Latte

An iced latte is always a good choice for a smooth, milky espresso drink. Starbucks sells a variety of flavored iced lattes, but they make them with espresso and textured milk poured over ice.

You can also add syrups or sauces to make the drink sweet. Starbucks lattes are popular among those who enjoy milky coffee and serve as an excellent way to drink an espresso. 

The drink contains 130 calories, 0.0243 pounds (11 grams) of sugar, and 0.00529 ounces (150 milligrams) of caffeine per serving.

Iced Shaken Espresso

In 2015, Starbucks introduced the iced shaken espresso as their cold option to their traditional espresso. The iced shaken espresso contains an espresso base, 2% milk, four pumps of classic syrup, and ice. A barista then hand-shakes it, creating a frothy texture that smoothens the espresso drink. 

Although the syrup sweetens it, you can still taste the espresso throughout. Moreover, coffee, purists, and sweet coffee drinkers love an iced shaken espresso. It comes in tall, grande, and venti sizes, and each serving contains 100 calories and 0.0309 pounds (14 grams) of sugar.

A grande contains three shots of espresso and 0.00794 ounces (225 milligrams) of caffeine to instantly perk you up, although it tastes crisp and cold.

Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat Shaken Espresso

This hand-shaken Starbucks beverage is perfect if you love caramel and vanilla sauce. The iced toasted vanilla oat shaken espresso mixes oat milk, ice, caramelized vanilla flavorings, and Starbucks golden espresso to create a high-energy

Although you can still taste some intense flavors in this iced coffee, it’s sweeter than Starbucks’s other shaken espresso drinks.

Furthermore, a single serving contains 140 calories (11 grams) of sugar and 0.00899 ounces (255 milligrams) of caffeine, but the ingredients blend well when you shake it well. The drink is an excellent cold option for people who like robust but sweet coffee.


Lattes are among the most common Starbucks drinks on every menu worldwide. There are many different flavors of caffè latte, but at the heart of every latte is a double Starbucks espresso shot along with a little amount of textured milk and steamed milk to give you a silky smooth, indulgent coffee.

A Starbucks caffè latte is your espresso drink if you like milky coffee. Due to the milk content, this espresso drink is a higher-calorie option, with over 190 calories per serving.

Also, it contains about 0.00459 (130 milligrams) of caffeine to help you get a good boost from the espresso. Many people add syrup (caramel and vanilla syrup are the most popular) but add extra calories and sugar.

The bold flavor of espresso and the light steamed milk makes the caffè latte very easy to drink, and it is a favorite among younger coffee drinkers.

The Happy Shot

The happy shot is a secret menu espresso drink that can quickly perk up and brighten your day. The cream adds richness to the drink, while the syrup adds sweetness. It makes the Starbucks happy shot much more drinkable and assists in neutralizing the mild acidity of the creamy espresso.

This secret menu espresso drink has about 80 calories, 0.0551 pounds (25 grams) of sugar, and 0.00529 ounces (150 milligrams) of caffeine, and it’s a popular substitute for a caramel macchiato. On top of that, the beverage costs about $2, making it an affordable way to obtain a large caffeine hit.

The Caffeine Content in a Starbucks Espresso Shot

It is essential to know the caffeine content in your drink. If you are a coffee lover and perhaps don’t know the caffeine content in a Starbucks espresso shot, here is the answer: one espresso shot contains 0.00265 ounces (75 milligrams) of caffeine, which is why many espresso Starbucks coffees are the strongest.

Making Coffee Drinks at Home Using an Espresso Machine

Would you like to prepare coffee drinks at home? You won’t have any problems doing so with an espresso machine. Latte is one of the most popular espresso drinks to create at home. It’s a traditional drink consisting of an espresso shot with steamed milk and foam toppings.

Any good latte begins with a nice shot of espresso. The following are some of the steps on how to make espresso at home using an espresso machine:

Measure and Crush Your Beans

In the first step, you will typically need about 0.0331 pounds (15 grams) of ground coffee for a double espresso and about 0.0132 to 0.017 pounds (6 to 8 grams) of powdered ground coffee beans for a single espresso shot. 

Measuring all this on a kitchen scale is always good, especially if you make a solid double shot. Ensure that you have sufficient and powdery coffee grounds.

Distribute Your Shot and Tamp it Down

After having enough coffee grounds, the second step is to spread them evenly on the portafilter before pressing them down with the tamper. Keep in mind that two espresso shots will require more.

Pull the Trigger on Your Shot

The third step is to run the machine briefly without the portafilter. After that, lock it, set it up, and fire your shot. If you make a standard espresso shot, it should be ready in 25 to 30 seconds. Remember that this can vary depending on the machine that you prefer.

Get Your Milk Ready

The fourth step is to make froth or steamed milk if you add milk to a beverage. If not, take pleasure in your espresso drink on its own! Depending on your preference, you are more than free to have your espresso hot or cold if you’re drinking it alone; you will need a chilled shot for iced coffee.

Furthermore, espresso has only about three calories in each shot, making it a perfect guilt-free beverage. You are also welcome to consume espresso daily, but only in moderation and without going overboard.

How Many Shots of Espresso Can You Get at Starbucks?

The size of your drink determines the number of shots at Starbucks. The standard sizes are tall, grande, or venti.

In this case, a tall drink has one espresso shot except for a tall Americano, flat white, or a tall iced shaken espresso, which includes two shots if you order them. Furthermore, a grande and a venti have two espresso shots.

Ordering Espresso Beverages at Starbucks

Most of the popular coffee drinks at Starbucks use espresso as the base. The espresso alone comes in four different sizes, and as you know, you can order Starbucks espresso-based drinks in long, grande, or venti sizes, while some cold beverages are only available in one size. 

While they are on the standard menu, you can order most of the espresso drinks on this list directly from a barista, but you can also add syrups or toppings to make them more unique. 

Even with lactose intolerance, you can still enjoy the best espresso beverages using dairy-free milk substitutes (often soy, coconut, or almond). Decaf blends are available for hot Starbucks espresso drinks but not cold ones. 

Additionally, several Starbucks beverages are only available from the secret menu. To place an order for these and specify the ingredients you desire, you can chat with a barista. While this may seem strange, it’s pretty standard at Starbucks, and an excellent way to get the espresso drink you want.

Moreover, Starbucks espresso drinks usually range from around $2 to $4, depending on the quantity and type of drink. For extra syrups or flavorings, your order will cost you around $0.30 more, and an additional espresso shot will cost you about $0.50 more.

However, adding whipped cream or cold foam will cost you a little money. You can order your favorite espresso drinks using the Starbucks app to avoid queues and put all of your other additions. On top of that, the Starbucks app can enable you to check your drink’s final price and nutritional value.

You can ask a barista for help if you’re still having trouble choosing from the menu of espresso beverages. They should be able to assist you because they will be familiar with all the flavors and components.

Tips For Buying Cheap Starbucks Beverages That Will Save You Money

Some tips to consider when buying cheap Starbucks beverages include the following:

Selecting the Right Drink

Choosing the right drink can help you save money, but the simpler the drink, the less expensive it will be.

This tip is easy because the drink requires few ingredients and less preparation time. Additionally, it’s always cheaper to order short, non-hand-crafted Starbucks drinks.

Using Your Cup

If you bring your reusable cup, Starbucks will discount you in many ways. You could potentially save 40 cents on each drink though this varies depending on the location.

Addition of Free Syrup

As you make purchases at Starbucks, you will advance the levels of the rewards program. Furthermore, you will become eligible for certain free additions if you reach the gold level. It means you may add a variety of free syrups, whipped cream options, and free milk varieties to your cheap hot beverages.

Making Use of Starbucks Rewards

When you sign up for the Starbucks rewards program, you may get discounts, access to special offers, and even a free drink on your birthday.

Additionally, you can register for free in person or online and download the app on your phone to track when you earn complimentary beverages. As you spend more, Starbucks’ loyalty levels and the level of drinking free drinks will increase.

Make Your Own

Deconstructing a Starbucks beverage is another option to get a drink with less money. For instance, you might order an espresso and request free ice and milk instead of an iced latte. After that, combine everything yourself to save some dollars.


Only a few beverages are available in sizes greater than a Venti cup. Furthermore, their menu prices vary, but you’ll discover that smaller drink sizes are often less expensive.

FAQs on Starbucks Espresso Drinks

Which Starbucks Drink Has Two Shots of Espresso?

If you are wondering which Starbucks drinks have two shots of espresso, the answer is that there are two shots of espresso in every Starbucks hot espresso drink that you order in either grande or venti size.

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How Much Will You Pay for Three Espresso Shots at Starbucks?

Many espresso beverages come with two shots as standard, with an additional costing around $1.75. For three extra shots, it will cost approximately $ 3.75, depending on how you purchase it.

Which Starbucks Espresso Drink is the Sweetest?

The espresso frappuccino is the sweetest drink, containing a lot of sugar and the additional richness of whipped cream. Additionally, you can add different sugary syrups to these beverages to make them your own.

The Word’s Out!

With all the information from this article, you can conclude from the list that there are many drinks, iced, hot, or even strong espresso drinks at Starbucks, that you should keep sampling until you find your favorite.