TRIVIA: How Much Caffeine in a Starbucks Doubleshot?

What is the Starbucks Doubleshot? 

The Starbucks Doubleshot does not literally mean two shots of espresso. Have you ever thought of how much caffeine is in a Starbucks Doubleshot? Undoubtedly, Starbucks offers a variety of Doubleshot beverages with different caffeine content.

The Espresso and Energy variants are both doubleshot canned drinks by Starbucks. But what makes each Doubleshot drink different from others, and which one will provide you with the most caffeine for your money? Let’s find out.

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How Much Caffeine in a Starbucks Doubleshot?

Starbucks offers three standard varieties of doubleshot drinks: doubleshots on ice, canned doubleshots, and hot espresso doubleshots. Theoretically, each of these beverages contains two espresso shots, but in practice, the amount of caffeine in each one varies significantly.

But hold on! More complexity exists than that: Doubleshot Energy and Doubleshot Espresso are two of the canned drinks that Starbucks sells. Guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins are also present in the energy version, including brewed coffee. In the espresso variation, it is espresso combined with milk, sugar, and cream.

Although the espresso version is much more intense, they both contain roughly the same amount of caffeine. While a 6.5-fluid ounce (192.22 milliliters) can of Doubleshot espresso has 0.0042 ounces (120 milligrams) of caffeine, a 15-fluid ounce (443.60 milliliters) can of Starbucks Doubleshot energy has 0.0047 ounces (135 milligrams) of caffeine.

Starbucks doubleshot energy, on the other hand, contains 0.00031 ounces (9 milligrams) of caffeine per fluid ounce (29.57 milliliters). That is 0.0010 ounces (30.43 milligrams) per 3.38 fluid ounces (100 milliliters).  


Other Nutritional Information

The deliciousness of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso comes with the following nutritional benefits:

  • kJ: 300
  • Kcal: 71
  • Total fat: 0.09 ounces (2.6 grams)
  • Saturated fat: 0.05 ounces (1.7 grams)
  • Total carbohydrates: 0.31 ounces (9.0  grams)
  • Total sugar: 0.29 ounces (8.5 grams)
  • Protein: 0.10 ounces (2.9 grams)
  • Salt: 0.0028 ounces (0.08 grams)

Doubleshot Energy Coffee comes packed with nutritional benefits as below. For an 8-fluid ounce (227.30 milliliters) serving, you get:

  • kJ: 130
  • Saturated fat: 0.052 ounces (1.5 grams)
  • Cholesterol: 0.0003 ounces (10 milligrams)
  • Sodium: 0.0044 ounces (125 milligrams)
  • Carbohydrates: 0.70 ounces (20 grams)
  • Sugar: 0.49 ounces (14 grams)
  • Fiber: 0.070 ounces (2 grams)
  • Protein: 0.31 ounces (9 grams)
  • Calcium: 0.010 ounces (300 milligrams) 

The Available Flavors

Despite the fact that PepsiCo is the producer, the Starbucks Doubleshot is a range of canned coffee drinks that bears the Starbucks name. They come in an RTD (Ready-to-Drink) can (usually 12-pack) made of espresso coffee and cream. Here are several variations of available flavors.

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso has these flavor varieties:

Salted Caramel Cream

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso – Salted Caramel Cream comes in a 6.5 fluid ounce (192 milliliters) can. It’s a doubleshot espresso with a salted caramel flavor. It contains 0.0042 ounces (120 milligrams) of caffeine and produces 140 calories.

Espresso and Cream Light

Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso light has the least amount of caffeine. It contains 0.0040 ounces (115 milligrams) of caffeine but is rich in cream. It produces 70 calories.


Doubleshot Espresso – Americano contains 0.0044 ounces (125 milligrams) of caffeine and produces 15 calories.


Doubleshot Espresso – Cubano comes in two variants; 0.0045 ounces (130milligrams) and 0.0047 ounces (135 milligrams) of caffeine. Each produces 60 calories.

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Pack

The energy variety pack contains twelve cans in two delectable flavors—Mocha and Vanilla—each with six cans—for two delightful options to help you conquer the day.


For people who wake up daily thinking, “I love chocolate” and “Carpe diem,” the mocha flavor is ideal. It is a high-end energy drink that perfectly complements robust, rich Starbucks coffee strengthened with B vitamins, guarana, ginseng, and creamy mocha flavor.


If you’re searching for a tasty boost to get you through the day, try the Starbucks Doubleshot Vanilla flavor. In addition to powerful Starbucks canned coffee, this premium energy drink has a rich vanilla flavor, guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins.


You adore hazelnuts, right? What about power? Starbucks has the ideal solution. With the hazelnut energy pack, you get a perfect combination of guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins, topped with hazelnut flavor. As if that’s not enough, you still get your traditional robust, rich Starbucks coffee. This variant comes in 15 fluid ounces (443.60 milliliters) cans.

White Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, you should try this white chocolate and coffee blend. It comes in a 15 fluid ounces (443.60 milliliters) can and produces 210 calories per can. The Starbucks white chocolate energy drink contains B vitamins, ginseng, and guarana, crowned with a rich chocolate flavor. 

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Beverage Ingredients

The famous Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso has several ingredients, including skimmed milk, sugar, low-fat milk, cream, cream-brewed espresso (with water and coffee), and Doubleshot espresso.

It has 0.63 ounces (18 grams) of sugar per 6.5 fluid ounces (192.22 milliliters). This produces 140 calories in total.

On the other hand, the Starbucks Doubleshot Energy drink has more ingredients than Doubleshot Espresso. These ingredients include brewed Starbucks coffee ( with water and coffee), sugar, low-fat milk, and natural flavors. Vitamin D3, vitamin A, palmitate, riboflavin, sodium ascorbate, maltodextrin, guarana (Paullina Cupana), and Panax Ginseng.

Other ingredients include tricalcium phosphate, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (with vitamin B6), cellulose gel, cellulose gum, inositol, carrageenan, sucralose, taurine, and dextrose.

It has 1.02 ounces (29 grams) of sugar per 15 fluid ounces (443.60 milliliters). This produces 220 calories in total. A 15-fluid ounce (443.60-milliliter) Doubleshot Starbucks can contain 0.0047 ounces (135 milligrams) of caffeine.

Key Takeaways

All said we hope you found all your answers here. It’s a little complex, as you can see. You will consume between 0.0042 to 0.0047 ounces (120 and 135 milligrams) of caffeine if you purchase a canned Doubleshot.

In a Starbucks coffee shop, a double shot of espresso contains about 0.0052 ounces (150 milligrams) of caffeine. Moreso, Doubleshot on Ice is one of Starbucks’ most caffeinated drinks, with 0.0079 ounces (225 milligrams) of caffeine in it.

Obviously, a Doubleshot is more complicated than just two shots of espresso. We sincerely hope that this article enables you to solve one of Starbucks’ many puzzles or simply increases how much you enjoy your espresso.

Enjoy your coffee!