How Many Shots of Espresso in a Venti? The Perfect Brew

What is a Venti?

You may be wondering, how many shots of espresso are in a Venti? This article delves into the history of Starbucks’ iconic Venti Latte. Let’s start by discussing the Venti latte, Starbucks’ most well-liked beverage. But what is a venti? Venti, which means “twenty” in Italian, got its name in 1986.

Howard Schultz, the creator, traveled to Italy and embraced the country’s coffeehouse culture, then came up with the name.

Photo of Starbucks Cups

How Big is a Venti?

There are two types of Starbucks Venti. There is Venti hot, which is 20 ounces (591 milliliters) and roughly three 6-ounce (177-milliliter) cups of coffee. Also, there is Venti iced coffee, which is 24 ounces (710 milliliters). Since cold drinks come with ice (unless otherwise specified), venti cold is larger than venti hot.

This is because you get the same amount of beverage plus room for ice rather than paying for less liquid plus ice. Unless you specifically request a third dose of espresso, a hot venti drink only contains two espresso shots.

How Many Shots of Espresso in a Venti

So, how many espresso shots in a Venti do you know of? You need to know that Starbucks espresso makes a venti latte. This is a lot if you add all the sugar and fat in each Venti. If you are not used to eating, two Starbucks espresso shots might seriously upset your digestive system.

You can experience a glucose rise after drinking Venti because they often have a lot of caffeine in them. The amount of espresso in a Venti and a Grande is the same. The key distinction is that one has more milk than the other. So it’s better to save your money than waste it!

Shots of Espresso in a Venti Americano?

Now you know about the number of shots in a venti, what about a venti Americano? On the other hand, a Venti Americano has a monstrous four shots of espresso. The only ingredients in a venti Caffe Americano are espresso and water.

The Americano offers four shots and is well-liked for being a low-calorie option, although not as plentiful as the Venti Doubleshot. There are 25 calories and 0.01 ounces (300 milligrams) of caffeine in all those shots. 

Venti Iced Caffe Americano

If you don’t like hot drinks, the iced version covers you with the same number of shots, calories, and caffeine as the hot version.

What Number of Espresso Shots in a Venti Macchiato?

A hot Venti Macchiato (20 fluid ounces) (591 milliliters) and hot Venti Caramel Macchiato both include two espresso shots (20 fluid ounces) (591 milliliters). Each hot beverage has 0.005 ounces (150 milligrams) of caffeine, equivalent to a grande hot beverage. The amount of espresso in a venti iced macchiato is three shots (24 fluid ounces or 591 milliliters). 

Double Shot Caramel Macchiato

There is much more milk than usual in a Double Shot Caramel Macchiato. Additionally, you add sugar, garnishes, and flavored syrups, which differs significantly from a classic macchiato.

Espresso that we call “double shot” was not brewed twice or anything similar. It merely implies that you will receive twice as much espresso. You won’t receive a different kind of coffee if you want a double espresso; it will simply have twice as much liquid. Italians refer to it as a “doppio.”

Depending on your flavor, one espresso shoots one ounce (or 0.03 liters) of liquid from 7 to 9 grams (0.015 to 0.019 pounds) of ground coffee. The double shot is the same, only bigger. For 2 ounces (0.6 liters) of espresso, you require between 14 and 18 grams (0.03 to 0.04 pounds) of ground coffee.

Venti’s Caffeine Content

How much caffeine is in an espresso shot, then? An espresso shot has about 75 milligrams (0.003 ounces) of caffeine. Therefore, each Venti latte would contain about 150 milligrams(0.006 ounces) of caffeine from two espresso shots.

Even more, caffeine is present in the Venti Blonde roast coffee than in a double espresso. Venti iced coffee contains significantly more caffeine than you might think.

Compared to espresso beans, blonde roast coffee beans have substantially higher caffeine content. Consequently, a double shot of the blonde roast contains about 475 milligrams (0.017 ounces) of caffeine. The amount of caffeine is almost the same. 

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Making Venti Latte at Home

Venti Latte

Time: 5 Minutes

Serving size: 1

Equipment Needed

  1.  Mason jar
  2.  Preferred glass


  • ¾ cup (237 milliliters) of whole milk
  • Vanilla or classic syrup
  • 1 cup (128 grams) of ice 
  • 4 shots of espresso


  1. Pour your four freshly brewed espresso shots into your favorite Venti-sized glass after filling it with ice.
  2. Into the mason jar, add milk and syrup.
  3. Shake the milk until it foams.
  4. Pour the milk and froth slowly and carefully into the ice-espresso glass.
  5. Choose your preferred glass straw and savor your handcrafted tall venti latte!

FAQs On Ventis

Q: Is four shots of espresso a lot?

A: It’s not much if you only have four shots of espresso throughout the day. However, consuming them all at once or all at once quickly is unhealthy. Overdosing on caffeine can make you jittery and cause your heart to beat fast. This is the opposite of what you want from your coffee. It can make you crash rather than provide you with more energy.

Q: How much caffeine is in a four-shot espresso?

A: It depends on the coffee beans you choose and the roasting level. However, a single espresso shot from Starbucks typically contains about 75 milligrams (0.003 ounces) of caffeine.

Three hundred milligrams (0.011 ounces) of caffeine would be present after four shots. Depending on your desire, a Starbucks Caffe Americano might have one to four shots. It depends on your choice of coffee beans and the roasting level. However, a single espresso shot from Starbucks typically contains about 75 milligrams (0.003 ounces) of caffeine.

Q: Are six shots of espresso bad for you?

A: Although six shots of espresso won’t necessarily kill you right away, they will have a negative long-term effect on your health. It can cause insomnia, panic attacks, and cardiac problems if you drink 6-7 shots of espresso daily. 

 The exact opposite of what you would desire from coffee are muscle tremors and restlessness due to consuming too much caffeine. Everything is nice in moderation.

That principle applies to coffee as well. Six espresso shots are too much and can cause heart attacks and early symptoms of heart disease.

Q: Is a venti smaller or bigger than a Grande?

A: Join the group if you’re confused by Starbucks’ sizes. Starbucks sizes its drinks using a pretty odd system. A grande is smaller than a venti. A venti has 20 ounces (567 grams) of coffee, compared to a grande’s 16 ounces (454 grams).

There is no benefit to purchasing a venti unless you want additional milk to dilute your coffee since both a Grande and Venti employ two espresso shots. A Grande is also more affordable and offers exceptional value.

Q: How do I flush caffeine out of my system?

A: You can experience restlessness and trembling in your muscles if you drink too much coffee. Another serious problem with ingesting too much caffeine is sleep deprivation.

The best thing to do is to consume a lot of water to flush the caffeine out of your body. Your body may detox from too much caffeine by drinking water. Drinking plenty of water is essential since caffeine can make you dehydrated.

You might also try deep breathing exercises. You may have noticed your hands shaking and your eyes twitching. Till you begin to feel better, close your eyes and inhale deeply. To wait it out is the wisest course of action. You’ll eventually start to feel better. Just be sure to stop drinking coffee for the rest of the day.

Q: Why am I feeling shaky after drinking a venti?

A: If you had an empty stomach before drinking the coffee, you might feel queasy afterward. Something about coffee is that it is a natural stimulant. However, it needs energy to stimulate your body. Your body cannot use the caffeine boost if you are not eating properly because it depletes energy.

This makes one feel queasy and unsteady. The best method to deal with it is to find a place to sit and eat some carbohydrates. Now you see why people sell bagels next to coffee carts.

Q: Can you sleep with caffeine in your system?

A: Caffeine can help you fall asleep, but your sleep patterns won’t be as regular. Because caffeine disrupts your sleep, you might wake up multiple times during the night. You could feel more exhausted than usual when you eventually wake up in the morning.

Because caffeine alters your biological clock, it may be difficult for you to fall asleep in the first place. If they consume coffee in the afternoon or evening, many people stay up all night.

Q: Is it worth stopping caffeine use?

A: It may be time to take a caffeine break if you wholly rely on it to get through your day. Using caffeine will give you an immediate energy boost. However, if caffeine is your only source of energy, this can negatively impact your health.

It may be beneficial for your focus and blood pressure to stop drinking caffeine. According to studies, caffeine affects our neurological system and raises our blood pressure. If you consume two to three cups of coffee daily, it would be good to wait a bit. Regularly drinking this much coffee can lead to major cardiovascular disorders.

Starbucks paper coffee cups

Finishing Strong!

You’re aware now! Venti coffee has two espresso shots (about 150 milligrams of caffeine). Unexpectedly, a 16-ounce (454-gram) Grande contains the same quantity of espresso. Depending on what you’re looking for in your morning latte, sizing up doesn’t always pay off. 

You may always get a triple or quadruple shot of espresso in any cup size if you want more espresso in your latte. At this point, coffee has become an integral component of our lifestyle. 

It’s still reasonable to question the health benefits of these highly caffeinated beverages for our systems, not to mention the number of calories and sugars in a single drink. Order or make one at home and enjoy!