About Me

Kika was always a bit of a coffee lover, but it wasn’t until she visited Colombia in 2019 and 2021 that her love for the drink grew into a full-blown obsession.

After spending time on coffee farms and enjoying cupping sessions with certified specialty coffee producers, Kika knew she had to get into the coffee game herself! She is now a self-proclaimed coffee snob, and loves nothing more than finding the best beans and brewing them up perfectly.

Being a science nerd herself, she really dove into the world of caffeine and can tell you all about it. As for specialty coffee, she continues to expand her knowledge by reading, watching videos and following the coffee world news everyday!

Since she decided this is going to be her new “hobby”, she tries to visit as many coffee roasteries and buy different kinds of specialty coffee and brews them at home. Her travel plans now always include visiting the best specialty coffee places and roasteries in the new places she visits.
And of course, the collection of the brewing equipment is just expanding all the time 🙂

She even collaborates with some roasteries in Europe and they send her new roasts for tasting! If you want to have your coffee tried, tested and reviewed, just drop a message.