An Easy to Navigate Nespresso Flavors Chart

Nespresso pods are known for their consistent quality and the variety of flavors that they offer. The Nespresso Coffee Pod range is the perfect blend of convenience, quality, and design, so we wanted to create this quick and easy-to-navigate Nespresso Flavors Chart.

The Nespresso range is the most convenient way to make coffee. You can quickly brew the perfect cup of coffee and find yourself making the perfect cup of coffee. 

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The Nespresso Coffee Pod Range

Nespresso is one of the leading brands when it comes to coffee and one of the most popular among consumers. They have been around since the 1960s, and their coffee pods have been around for decades. It has a huge range of coffee pods which range from the average coffee pod to the most expensive coffee pod in the world. 

Nespresso coffee pods are the ultimate choice for the discerning coffee drinker. Choose from a vast range of Nespresso coffee pods, including cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, macchiatos, ristretto, espresso, and chocolate. The elegant simplicity of Nespresso coffee pods makes them perfect for a gift. 

They also have a Nespresso machine coffee system that allows you to brew your coffee at home or work, and it can fit in pretty much anywhere. The Nespresso coffee machines make it easy to enjoy your Nespresso coffee pods.

The Meaning of the Numbers on Nespresso Pods

The Nespresso pods have numbers on them. These numbers show the strength of the coffee and the number of cups it produces. The intensity levels of Nespresso flavors vary from 1 to 13. Intensity levels affect the concentration of coffee, its body, its bitterness, and its degree of roasting. 

The greater the intensity level, the stronger the coffee. For example, a number 3 on a pod indicates a strong coffee, but a number 4 indicates an even stronger coffee. Number 1 is the mildest, so if you’re new to Nespresso and want to give it a shot, seek no further.

An Intensity-Ranked Nespresso Flavors Chart

Lower Intensity: Levels 1 to 5

Low-strength coffee pods are ideal for sipping black or in an americano style since they let the distinctive tastes of the coffee’s origin stand out. If you like a Nespresso Intenso, select a pod with a rating between 1 and 5.

Moderate Intensity: Levels 6 to 8

Coffees and espressos with Nespresso levels of 6, 7, or 8 have a deep, bittersweet flavor. The taste profile will harmonize scent, acidity, and flavor. You may thus consume them whatever you choose, whether with water or milk, in any amount, or even completely black.

Highest Intensity: Level 9 to 13

If you want a dark roast coffee with a full body, a rich scent, and a harsh and bitter flavor, the strongest pods are for you. On the Nespresso scale, these are between 9 and 13. You may get that strong coffee feeling by using pods with an intensity rating of 9 or above. For milk-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, they are excellent.

Below are two purchase guidelines arranged according to pod intensity level. If you own a Nespresso Original line coffee machine, follow the purchase advice for Original pods. Nevertheless, you should utilize the Vertuo pod buying advice if you have Vertuo line pods or bigger pods.

Collection of capsules

A Nespresso Original Pod Chart

Nespresso pod guide is a classification chart that helps the average consumer to navigate the selection chart of Nespresso coffee pods. In this Nespresso capsule flavors chart, the level of intensity determines which Nespresso pod chart category it. Most pods fall under the category of medium intensity.

The strongest Nespresso Original line pod is Palermo Kazaar. One pod contains 125 mg of caffeine, which is more than double the amount found in most other pods. The flavor is bitter and woodsy, and the scent is spicy with notes of charred wood and pepper.

Nespresso Original Pods Ranked in Intensity

Less Strength and Light Roast

Level 1 to 5
Moderate Roast and Strength

Level 6 to 8
Extremely strong and darker roast

Level 9 to 13
Cosi – 4Caramel Creme Brulee – 6Firenze – 9
Ethiopia – 4Cocoa Truffle – 6Firenze Decaf – 9
Volutto – 4Colombia – 6Cape Town – 10
Volutto Decaf – 4Genova – 6Ristretto – 10
Capriccio – 5Tokyo – 6Ristretto Decaf – 10
Nicaragua – 5Vanilla Eclair – 6India – 11
Vienna – 6Palermo Kazaar – 12
Vivalto Lungo – 6
Indonesia – 6
Roma – 8
Stockholm – 8

Your Nespresso Original Pod Buying Chart

Original PodSizeIntensityCaffeine ContentFlavor Profile
CosiEspresso455 to 65 mgModerate & Slightly Toast
EthiopiaEspresso455 to 65 mgFruit Jelly & Mandarin Orange
VoluttoEspresso455 to 65 mgMild & Delicious
Volutto DecafEspresso4Less than 3 mgMild & Delicious
CapriccioEspresso555 to 65 mgUnique & Rich
NicaraguaEspresso555 to 65 mgSweet Cereal
Caramel Creme BruleeEspresso655 to 65 mgChocolate
Cocoa TruffleEspresso655 to 65 mgCaramel
ColombiaEspresso655 to 65 mgRed & Malty Sweetness
GenovaEspresso655 to 65 mgDelicious Chocolate & Toasty Cereal
TokyoLungo677 to 85 mgFloral & Intense
Vanilla EclairEspresso655 to 65 mgCaramel
ViennaLungo677 to 85 mgSoft & Spherical
Vivalto LungoLungo677 to 85 mgFlowery & Intense
IndonesiaEspresso855 to 65 mgOak & Tobacco Leaves
RomaEspresso855 to 65 mgOaky and Cereally
VeneziaEspresso855 to 65 mgBlended & Heavy
StockholmLungo877 to 85 mgComplete & Rich
FirenzeEspresso955 to 65 mgMilky, Roasty, & Chocolate
Firenze DecafEspresso9Less than 3 mgMilky, Roasty, & Chocolate
Cape TownLungo1077 to 85 mgStrong & Roast
RistrettoRistretto1055 to 65 mgSlightly Fruity & Sweet Cocoa
Ristretto DecafRistretto10Less than 3 mgSlightly Fruity & Sweet Cocoa
IndiaEspresso1155 to 65 mgFlavored & Oaky
Palermo KazaarEspresso12125 mgStrong & Sugary
NapoliEspresso1355 to 65 mgSmooth & Darker

Vertuo Nespresso Pods Ranked in Intensity

Less Strength and Light Roast

Level 1 to 5
Moderate Roast and Strength

Level 6 to 8
Extremely strong and darker roast

Level 9 to 13
Solelio – 2Melozio – 6Intenso – 9
Giornio – 4Hazelino Muffin – 6Altissio – 9
Elvazio – 4Caramel Cookie – 6Diavolitto – 10
Voltesso – 4Vanilla Custard Pie – 6
Dolce XL – 4Double Espresso Chiaro – 6
Decaffeinato Ontuoso – 4Arondio – 6
Half Caffeinato – 5Decaffeinato – 6
Odacio – 7
Decaffeinato Intenso – 7
Alto Intenso XL – 7
Double Espresso Scuro – 8
Fortado – 8
Stormio – 8

Your Vertuo Pod Buying Chart

Vertuo PodSizeIntensityCaffeine ContentFlavor Profile
SolelioCoffee2170 to 200 mgSweet & Soft
GiornioCoffee4170 to 200 mgFruity & Silky
ElvazioCoffee4170 to 200 mgSweet & Flavored
EthiopiaGran Lungo4120 to 200 mgFragrant & Delicious
Decaffeinato OntuosoGran Lungo4Less than 12 mgMilky & Caramelized Cereal
VoltessoEspresso450 to 60 mgFlavored & Delicious
Dolce XLAlto4228 to 350 mgRoasted & Caramelized
Half CaffeinatoCoffee590 mgDelicious & Silky
ColombiaCoffee5170 to 200 mgFresh Arabica
DolceDouble Espresso5100 to 120 mgGrainy and Malt
ToccantoEspresso550 to 60 mgFruity
MelozioCoffee6170 to 200 mgSweet as Honey
Hazelino MuffinCoffee6170 to 200 mgChestnut
Caramel CookieCoffee6170 to 200 mgChocolate
Vanilla Custard PieCoffee6170 to 200 mgFlavored
Chocolate FudgeCoffee6170 to 200 mgLuscious Chocolate
ChiaroDouble Espresso6100 to 120 mgOaky & Woody
OrafioEspresso650 to 60 mgToasted & Caramelized
Peru OrganicEspresso650 to 60 mgFlavorful & Intense
DecaffeinatoCoffee6Less than 12 mgCircle & Grainy
ArondioGran Lungo6120 to 200 mgSpicy & Soft Grains
OdacioCoffee7170 to 200 mgSweet and Mildly Spicy
MexicoCoffee7170 to 200 mgStrong & Seasoned
Decaffeinato IntensoEspresso7Less than 12 mgChocolate & Sweet
Costa RicaGran Lungo7120 to 200 mgSour & Delicious
Intenso XLAlto7228 to 350 mgChocolate & Oak
ScuroDouble Espresso8100 to 120 mgCaramel & Chocolate
FortadoGran Lungo8120 to 200 mgWood & Chocolate
StormioCoffee8170 to 200 mgWoody & Flavorful
IntensoCoffee9170 to 200 mgCaramelized Brown Sugar
AltissioEspresso950 to 60 mgSweet & Roasted Cereal
Altissio DecaffeinatoEspresso9Less than 12 mgMilky & Large
DiavolittoEspresso10150 mgLeather & Wood
Il CaffeEspresso1150 to 60 mgStrong & Creamy

5 Reasons to Buy Nespresso Pods Online

Do you intend to purchase the best Nespresso Pods online? Then you should. Nespresso flavored Pods might be best purchased online for your company for various reasons. We believe that the best location to get Nespresso capsules is on Amazon.

To obtain a decent bargain, you should buy them from a reliable brand with a strong reputation, such as Amazon.

Since you need a company that offers quick shipment and high-quality items, You must be able to put your trust in the brand and be sure that you may receive a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Additionally, you want to get them from a company that offers a variety of sizes and tastes. Here are five of the reasons why.

  1. Confidence – Shopping with confidence is possible when a product is marked “Shipped and Sold by Amazon.”
  2. Price – When buying directly from Nespresso, the price per pod on Amazon is often the same as that of direct purchases.
  3. Shipping – Your coffee pod order will receive free two-day shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member. And the Amazon customer support team will be able to assist you if you run into any problems with your order.
  4. Selection – and Amazon both sell several of the same capsules. But in addition, Amazon sells compatible pods made by collaborators like Starbucks. Having said that, Nespresso does offer a few premium pods that aren’t available on Amazon or any other website. 
  5. Sustainability -The Nespresso recycling service is open to pods purchased on Amazon. To recycle them, you’ll need a recycling bag or should be able to go to a Nespresso store nearby.
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That’s a Wrap

We can imagine you asking yourself, “Why would I want to do this?” But this chart is ideal for you if you want to save time and have a clear understanding of your coffee tastes. In only a few clicks, you’ll get a chart of your favorite coffee brands.

The chart is comprehensive, classifying tastes according to their caffeine concentration, size, and flavor character. This chart makes it simple to select what you want and place your order once you’re ready to buy.