Our Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

This article contains the ninja specialty coffee maker review. The ninja specialty CM401 coffee maker, a compact but effective coffee maker, will meet all your caffeine demands. The nicest thing about this coffee maker is that it is not expensive, although loaded with functions. Find out if the Ninja CM401 is the ideal model for you with our evaluation of it below.

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Our Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker, with 4 Brew Styles for Ground Coffee, Built-in Water Reservoir, Fold-Away Frother & Glass Carafe, Black : Best Overall Coffee Maker

Amazon’s Choice in Coffee Machines by Ninja

Capacity: 3.1 pounds (1.4 kilograms)

Brand: Ninja

Color: Black

Special feature: Manual, programmable

Material: Stainless steel

Cup capacity: 10 cups (50 ounces) (1,478.7 millilitres) 

Size: 12 x 8.8 x 15 inches (30.5 x 22.4 x 38.1 centimeters)

Brew sizes: Travel mug standard, XL, XL multi-serve travel mug, a half carafe (five cups), and a full carafe (10 cups)

Brew styles: Classic, rich, over ice, specialty

Filter: Permanent

About This Item

Although it costs less, the Ninja specialty coffee maker is similar to the all-inclusive Ninja hot and cold-brewed system. Both devices can make normal coffee in different serving sizes and specialty drinks a la cafe. Both share even features like Delay Brew and a fold-out milk frother. 

However, compared to the hot and cold-brewed system, the Ninja specialty lacks brew features as a trade-off for its reduced pricing. Unlike the hot and cold machine, the Ninja specialty coffee maker does not make a cold brew or steep tea. 

However, these exclusions from the Ninja specialty’s control panel won’t matter if you only need a kettle to make tea and have the patience to create a cold brew in a mason jar overnight. In addition, the Ninja specialty still offers a range of brew strengths and sizes.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker: Price

The Ninja specialty coffee maker came into existence in 2019. You can find the Ninja coffee bar prices on Amazon.com. The Ninja specialty has a more streamlined and rounder look than the Ninja coffee bar but forgoes the extra-strong Cafe Forte brew option. 

The differences between the two coffee makers are essentially nonexistent. The Mr. Coffee Espresso & Cappuccino Maker, which has a similar footprint and an automatic milk frother but only prepares one cup at a time, is more expensive than the Ninja specialty.

The Ninja specialty coffee maker has a permanent filter, so you won’t have to worry about spending money on paper filters. You can also use a #4 paper cone. To prevent bitter coffee, thoroughly wash the reusable filter after each use. (It is safe for top-rack dishwashers.)

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker: Ease of Use

The control panel of the Ninja specialty coffee is intuitive and easy to use. A single knob allows you to adjust the volume of the brew. You can also choose the type of coffee you wish to make by pressing the button that associates with that choice, and then you will be ready to go.

The preparation of the Ninja specialty and the hot and cold system each take approximately the same time. If you choose the “conventional” method, it will take about ten minutes to brew a full carafe.

It is possible to clean the glass carafe and any other detachable components of the Ninja specialty coffee maker in the top rack of a dishwasher. If the machine needs a more comprehensive descaling of calcium deposits, the clean button will light up.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker: Performance

Overall, the coffee produced by the Ninja specialty coffee maker is satisfactory. You will realize with deep sadness that when you use the “rich” setting, the coffee comes out charred and bitter. There are no issues when you use the same coffee and brew setting with the Ninja hot and cold-brewed system.

You must know that you can immediately pour yourself a cup of coffee whenever a carafe is brewing. So you can’t blame the intelligent warming plate for the bitterness the burnt taste brings. The opposite is true; it prevents your fancier coffee pots from overheating while keeping them warm.

The “over ice” setting on the Ninja specialty did a decent job of preventing the coffee from becoming watered down. This is good for you, especially if you enjoy iced coffee. On the other hand, much like the hot and cold system, iced coffee may lack a silky texture.

Because of the convenient fold-out milk frother, specialty coffees are a go-to choice for a good cup of joe, and their preparation is a breeze. You can try the “specialty” brews such as flat whites and cappuccino-style coffees because they provide an excellent and well-balanced foundation for adding frothed milk and other garnishes. 

In other words, the “specialty” brews are why you can customize your coffee how you want it (like cinnamon). When the coffee is ready, the Ninja specialty coffee maker makes a loud beeping sound and starts making a few whirring sounds as it starts up. Aside from that, it’s a relatively quiet machine overall.

You may wish for more flexibility in the brew and size options regarding iced coffee and other specialized drinks. But this isn’t unique for most at-home ninja coffee bar brewers, so don’t take it personally if you are in this situation. 

The Braun multi-serve offers several different brew strengths for iced coffee, even though it is more expensive than the Ninja. The buttons of the Ninja Specialty are almost completely flush with the control panel. 

This is not a problem at any moment, except when it is time to set the clock. Because of its design, pushing the same button many times is not encouraged. This is a minor criticism given that the time only needs to be set after you put the machine in, and then again, if you wish to use the delay brew feature.

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Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker: Features

From various ninja coffee maker reviews, numerous elements of the Ninja CM401 contribute to its adaptability. We walk you through a few qualities that make the product deserving.

Different Brew Styles

The Ninja coffee brewer can brew not one, not two, but four distinct varieties of coffee. You can serve a couple of these over ice and include rich, specialty, and classic. Because it gives you access to many options, the machine will ensure you are never idle for long periods.

The product’s special feature, which enables users to try various types of coffee, is the product’s strongest selling point. Because of this function, you may generate a wide variety of coffee flavors even though you can simultaneously process a small portion of the concentrate. 

This brew, which results in a large quantity of highly concentrated coffee, can package various kinds of coffee for consumption.

  • Over ice: This should be your go-to pick whenever you want to satisfy your thirst with a glass of iced coffee or cold coffee, as it is the most refreshing option.
  • Rich and classic brew: These brews stand up to their titles, which gives the impression that they produce exactly what they promise. The rich brew will increase the ante and deliver a more robust flavor than traditional brew, allowing you to produce a cup of conventional coffee in a shorter time. One way to differentiate the two is to look at their respective strengths and strengths compared to one another.
Excellent Design

Because of the thoughtful construction that went into it, the Ninja specialty CM401 performs exceptionally well in this regard. You can see where the brew group suspends by looking at the water tank and the support bar. This makes it significantly more appealing to the eye aesthetically.

The marks on the tank are clear entirely due to its translucent surface, which also helps add to its user-friendly design interface. This coffee machine features a control panel that is not only extremely user-friendly but also quite inventive. You can choose what time of day you would like to brew your coffee, thanks to the presence of a clock at that location. 

The vast majority of instructions are on the user interface, which contributes to the computer’s incredibly intuitive usability. “stay warm” and “delay brew” are two examples of options that you may find on the control panel that can assist you in configuring the machine to meet your specific requirements.

Choose the second possibility if you’d like to postpone the process of making the coffee. If you choose to keep the coffee warm, it will be ready for use and kept at a comfortable temperature. Using the rotary dial located at the bottom of the machine, you may set the amount of coffee you want to brew.

You have a total of six different brew size options to choose from. The unique brew option stands out throughout the design interface because the designers want it to stand out from the crowd. Even the name of the coffee machine makes this quite clear.

Because the button to turn the coffee maker on and the option to clean it are both situated at the very bottom of the design interface, using and navigating this coffee maker is a breeze.

The Build

The CM401 has exceptional durability thanks to the use of stainless steel in its construction, which also contributes to the device’s attractive appearance. In addition, utilizing this material helps keep costs down while not compromising the product’s overall quality, making it an excellent choice.

Another essential function for a device such as a coffee maker is below. The high thermal conductivity of stainless steel is just what the machine needs to keep it from becoming too hot and breaking down. The device has various areas covered in ABS plastic, which contributes to its durability and provides additional defense in some areas.

The Best Possible Quality

One of the many reasons the Ninja specialty CM401 coffee maker has won an SCA Golden Cup for normal brewing is maybe the thermal flavor extraction that makes it special. This might help you determine the machine’s criteria for quality and flavor.

The flavor enhancer ensures your coffee’s flavor does not diminish. You will enjoy a great cup of coffee thanks to the perfect flavor and aroma combination. Each cup of coffee will taste the same. No “hot patches” waste flavor, but the taste and consistency stay constant.

Coffee Blooming

The Ninja specialty CM401’s capacity to release any or all trapped carbon dioxide in the carbon bed is another feature that makes it a superb machine and guarantees that your coffee will preserve its distinct flavor.

Folding Frother

A frother is unquestionably an essential component of a coffee maker. A folding frother is available with the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker that you may use as needed. Apart from that, it simply stands still, contributing to the minimalist design factor.

Quick and Fuss-Free Descaling

Coffee producers emphasize the complicated and frequently challenging process of descaling and cleaning the machine. However, the Ninja Coffee system handles this to save you the trouble. You can clean the machine and eliminate the calcium deposits without adhering to any particular descaling procedure.

The coffee maker is cost-effective, high-quality equipment with six different brew sizes and coffee blooming features. 

Removable Water Reservoir

You will appreciate how the CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker’s water reservoir looks. It blends seamlessly with the sophisticated and well-done design as a whole. The 40 ounces (1,133.9 grams) water tank contains indicators for the minimum fill levels for each brew size and a handy flip-top cover.

You may easily remove the reservoir from this specialty coffee machine for simple refilling.

In any case, if you attempt to make coffee without filling the reservoir, the Ninja specialty coffee maker will gently beep and flash a reminder, reminding you. A coffee maker without an alert signaling the end of the world is one you should admire.

You must always use filtered water when using a specialty coffee machine. You won’t have to descale your device as frequently, and the coffee will taste better. As long as we’re talking about it, the Ninja CM401 has a button that illuminates when it’s time to descale.

You will love that the company doesn’t insist that using their particular descaler is the only acceptable method of cleaning the product. That’s unique and incredibly energizing.

Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker: Pros

  • Value for money: It is worth its price.
  • Its small and compact size: Because of its small and compact size, you won’t need to worry about finding additional room in your kitchen because it will take up very little space.
  • Authentic flavor: The coffee generated by this machine does not lose its flavor when diluted, and the diversity of brews you may make contributes to an overall improvement in taste.
  • Special features: The Ninja specialty coffee maker has several unique features, one of the most compelling reasons to purchase this model. Take, for example, the delay brewing option, which lets you brew coffee at a specific time without manually altering it each time. This saves you the trouble of having to remember to do so.
  • Various brew sizes: The Ninja allows you to choose six different sizes while brewing coffee. These include the XL size, the standard size, the travel size, the half and full carafes, and the travel size coffee mug.
  • User-friendly and cost-efficient operation: Because the water reservoir has a mark, operating the machine is straightforward and uncomplicated. In addition, because it is easy to estimate how much water you will require, you will not end up squandering nearly as much of it.
  • Ease of cleaning: Don’t underestimate the allure of a device that doesn’t require significant effort or time to clean. Cleaning the exterior of stainless steel is a breeze. To finish the job, all you need is a damp cloth. In addition, you can clean the glass carafe using a solution you make yourself and some hot water.

Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker: Cons

  • The Carafe included with the device is glass. It is sensitive to rapid cooling down due to its material composition. You must pour the coffee into a fresh mug if you don’t plan to consume it immediately because it will go stale otherwise.
  • Because the machine’s housing is stainless steel, it may not withstand the frequent instances of water splashing in the kitchen. As a direct consequence of this, it may quickly begin to corrode and lose its luster. As a direct consequence of this, you ought to exercise extreme caution if you regularly subject the coffee maker to the presence of water.

Ninja CM401 Coffee Maker: Specialty Brew

This is when things start to get interesting. With its specialty brew feature, the Ninja coffee machine suggests that it may produce drinks like a fresh café. 

Specialty brew, only available in a 4 ounces (113.4 grams) serving size, enables you to make extremely rich coffee concentrations that combine with foamed milk from the fold-away frother to make delicious lattes or cappuccinos.

Some would argue that Ninja is making an espresso-making claim. Naturally, the machine cannot generate enough pressure to make this happen. Nevertheless, you can be eager to test the specialty brew feature to see how the outcomes compare.

You can turn to the single-origin Ethiopian coffee once more. At this point, you should mention that you utilized the same grind you would use in any ninja drip coffee maker for all of the Ninja specialty coffee maker testing: a medium-fine grind.

You may genuinely think the 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of ensuing purported coffee extracts taste like coffee from a Moka pot. Although it has nothing in common with real espresso, it is rich and full-bodied. 

Six different brew sizes are available for the Ninja specialty coffee maker, as we previously mentioned:

  • Standard cup
  • XL single cup
  • Travel mug
  • XL travel mug
  • Half carafe (5 cups)
  • Full carafe (10 cups)

Each of the four brew styles has a distinct approximate brew size. For instance, you can anticipate a volume of about 9.5 ounces (269.3 grams) when utilizing the classic brew type for a single-serve in a conventional cup.

When you choose the rich brew option, the same quantity of water and ground coffee for a typical cup yields 8.7 ounces (246.6 grams) of coffee. Getting the Ninja coffee brewer’s settings right will take some time and experimentation, as with any coffee maker. Right, that’s half the fun!

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Should You Buy the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker?

When we consider everything, the Ninja specialty coffee maker is a versatile appliance that comes outfitted with everything you require to prepare a wide variety of specialized beverages. It is a handy appliance for anyone searching for a coffee maker that can generate excellent coffee for the morning and prepare fancier drinks when the situation calls for it.

The Ninja specialty is more cost-effective if you don’t require as many features as those offered by the Ninja hot and cold-brewed system. These two coffee makers from Ninja perform many functions that are comparable to one another, except for the hot and cold-brewed system’s capacity to brew tea and cold brew coffee. 

Your choices and the amount of money you have will ultimately determine which of the two PCs you go with. Remember that Ninja specialty creates beverages with a flavor profile similar to espresso. We recommend that you buy the amazon link=”B07PFLM2LK” title=”Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker”]. It is affordable, has many attractive features, and is easy to use. Buy it today and enjoy your coffee! Read our article and find out How to Make Cafe Bustelo Like a Pro.

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