What Does the Keurig Strong Button Do?

The Keurig Strong Button

Do you know you can enjoy your favorite beverages at the touch of a button? The Keurig strong button makes it easier because it extends the brewing time to increase the brew strength instead of boiling water to burn ground coffee.

However, the Keurig coffee makers are the only ones with this feature. Not all of them have the brew strength levels like the bold setting.

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What Does the Strong Button on a Keurig Do?

Some time back, Keurig began to include a “strong” button on some of its higher-end machines. You can only see the button on more expensive devices, though some non-Keurig competitors are starting to add the control in their most expensive models.

The strong setting on a Keurig intends to make a cup of coffee stronger, although it might not be clear how it does so at first glance, but what does the strong button do on a Keurig? The answer is simple: to get the best flavors from the grind, Keurig brewers have a power button that slows the water flow through the k-cup. 

In addition, the full potential of coffee isn’t just its flavor but its strength characteristics. The 30-second brew time increase from the strong setting Keurig produces a more robust cup of coffee with a balanced blend of bitters, sugars, and acids.

However, some Keurig machines cause the brew cycle to slow down more than others. Any device with a Keurig with a strong button makes my list of the top Keurigs of the year. Keep reading this article to learn how the Keurig strong button works.

How Does the Keurig Strong Button Work?

Perhaps you might have a Keurig at home and ask how the Keurig strong button works. Well, the answer is that this is undoubtedly one of your favorites when it comes to brewing techniques because using the Keurig strong button, more caffeine results in a bold brew coffee that you will love.

Additionally, when it comes to the Keurig strength control setting on most coffee makers, it never disappoints when you brew your cup with your Keurig because it is not there just for show.

Why the Strong Button Slows Down the Brew Cycle

Perhaps you purchase a Keurig to prepare coffee fast and easily in the morning, then a slow brew cycle defeats the purpose of owning a Keurig. Don’t worry if you are one of the people whose Keurig is not producing coffee as quickly as it formerly did.

Without engaging in a difficult disassembly process, you can typically identify the cause of your Keurig’s slowness and fix the issue with a few simple steps. Keep scrolling on this article to get a guide to assist you with troubleshooting techniques for a slow Keurig.

The following are some of the steps to help you troubleshoot a slow Keurig; they include:

Regular Cleaning of Your Keurig

When you find your Keurig operating slowly, the first thing that should come to your mind is to ask yourself when was the last time you did the cleaning on it. Routine cleaning is the easiest to maintain your Keurig to ensure it functions optimally and avert unnecessary slowdowns.

Internally, a Keurig has water flowing through it, cleaning and checking for clogs simple tasks. The following are some of the steps to check for a blockage quickly.

  • Putting off the power on your Keurig: before you start porking around the inside of the machine, it is a good idea to take this precaution. You don’t want the brewer to start spewing boiling water while you are working suddenly.
  • On your Keurig, open the lid and locate the needle: Every Keurig has a hand that Punctures the K-cup so that water can flow freely through the coffee. Regular use can cause this needle to clog; if you don’t clear it out occasionally, your Keurig will operate sluggishly.
  • Make sure to obtain a paper clip, narrow pipe cleaner, or sewing needle: to clear out the needle section and get any obstructions that make your Keurig slow, you will require a small thin tool. Simple digging with your device is all that you need to do. You will probably discover some coffee that is dry wrapping around the needle.
  • Try turning your machine back on and give it a test: if you manage to remove any coffee that was drying, you might have already found the solution. Without that, you may have to try descaling your Keurig.

Try Descaling Your Keurig

If the quick cleaning didn’t work, you might have calcium deposits clogging the water lines. The scale is a common name for these calcium deposits, which are usually easy to remove. Keurig manufactures its descaling solution for use in its machines.

The basic steps for descaling a Keurig are as follows:

Step 1

If the auto-off feature is active on your Keurig model, turn it off following the owner’s instructions. Then, turn the brewer off and disconnect it before descaling. Withdraw any removable components, such as the Keurig water reservoir, lid water filter, drip tray, and brewing pod holder, once the brewer is cool to the touch.

Pour the remaining water into the sink from the water reservoir and also ensure to throw out the trash brewing pods and their grinds after using. Then, using a damp, non-abrasive cloth, clean the interior and outside of the water reservoir and any other loose components.

You should reinstall all the dry removable parts except for the water filter. Never immerse the brewer’s electrical components underwater.

Step 2 

Fill the water reservoir with your favorite descaling solution and replace the reservoir lid to loosen and lift the build-up limescale from your brewer. You can decide to use a handy homemade formulation, especially for the company.

Pour equal amounts of descaling solution and water into the water reservoir to fill it if you use a Keurig descaling solution. This act could range anywhere from one-third of the bottle to a full bottle of Keurig’s 14-ounce (414 milliliters) descaling solution, depending on the model and size of your brewer; make sure you add an equal amount of water.

If your preference is a DIY descaling solution, ensure to pour equal parts and water distilled vinegar into the reservoir until it is full.

Step 3 

Plug the power in on the brewer and then put a large mug on the machine drip tray. Lift and lower the brew handle without putting it inside the Keurig beverage pod, and lift and lower the brewer handle. The water reservoir is not detachable if you see the smaller Keurig appliance. Allow 5 to 10 seconds for any descaling solution to drain before lowering.

To start a cleaning brew cycle, select the largest brew size and press the brew button using the reservoir after it is full of descaling agents. Remove the mug and discard the hot water in the sink after a complete cleaning.

To top of that, repeat the step until the appliance alerts you to refill the water reservoir or there is no visible scale in the water reservoir.

Step 4

Place the water reservoir inside the brewer; ensure you fill the reservoir with fresh water after filtering it from a clean pitcher or glass without exceeding the maximum fill line. Put on the power on the brewer to the drip tray. Start another cleaning brew using the largest brew size to rinse any residual build-up or the vinegar odor from the Keurig, just as you did in step 3.

Re-do the fresh water rinse cycle at least three and as many as 12 additional times for heavily scaling brewers, refiling the depleting water reservoir with fresh water you need to complete the brew. You will not want any lingering vinegar or descaling solution to taint a cup of coffee in the future because more is better.

Step 5

When brewing is complete, power it off and discard the remaining water from the reservoir. After filtering the water rinse the reservoir and air-dry it before reinstalling it in the brewer.

When you master the art of cleaning your Keurig regularly, you will be able to enjoy your favorite hot beverages just the way they deserve to taste.

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Does a Longer Brew Take Longer?

The answer to this question is simple; the longer brew is just how brewing coffee works. Consider it this way: When discussing coffee,” strength” refers to the amount of dissolving solids in the resulting beverage; that is, stronger coffee, therefore, has a higher proportion of solids dissolving in water.

During the extraction process, water comes in contact with coffee grounds, dissolving solids inside. As a result, the “strong” setting on the Keurig requires a longer brew (extraction) time since more dissolving solids are present simple, right? No more weak coffee!

Are the Smaller Keurig Cups Stronger?

If you are one of the people who enjoy your coffee intensely, just like I do, perhaps you’ve encountered some trouble with the Keurig machine’s ability to produce a strong cup of coffee. It seems like Keurig coffee makers cannot make a strong brew.

Furthermore, there is good news: to get a cup of coffee with sufficient strength, and you don’t necessarily have to give up the convenience of the Keurig single-serve coffee makers.

In addition, one of the most difficult things to do when you get a Keurig is the size of the cup. Most Keurig coffee makers models allow you to select a few different cup sizes. Unfortunately, the instructions don’t specify what size of cup will taste the best.

To top it all off, it is evident that every person has unique or different tastes. For other people, what tastes fantastic may not be the best option. Trial and error is the only method to determine your personal “ideal” size.

If you’re a coffee drinker, a smaller cup size will brew you a stronger cup of coffee. Your selection of coffee will also have an impact.

A coffee with a darker roast, like Green Mountain Dark Magic, will be robust. Typically, this coffee variety has a label that is “bold.”The flavor will weaken in a milder brew like Green Mountain Breakfast Blend.

For instance, to brew a perfect cup of Dark Magic, you will need to use a 12 oz of the Bed and Breakfast Keurig cup. This coffee is often not something I prefer because I find it too light.

For my tastes, I just discovered that the Green Mountain Lake & Lodge Keurig cup makes the ideal 10 oz (296 milliliters) cup.

A List of Keurig Models With a Strong Button

Regarding water volume, setting, automation, and brewing temperature, Keurig coffee produces custom brews with a wide range of features. Some of them even have choices for Ice-brew settings and auto-programmable settings.

The single-serve Keurig 2.0, office pro, and classic versions provide good service and flavor.

The following are some of the best Keurig coffee makers for making the best coffee.

  • K-mini single-serve coffee maker
  • K-select coffee maker
  • K-elite
  • K-mini plus
  • K-supreme plus
  • K-classic

K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker

The best single-serve with a power button to extract most of the intense flavor of the coffee is the K-mini single-serve reservoir with a refillable reservoir:

  1. It has a strong control for the roasting taste that is substantial.
  2. Consume less space on the countertop.
  3. It contains a 6 oz reservoir which requires a refill for every use.

The sleek design and string option are the advantages of this machine, but depending on your coffee maker preferences. Whether you live with family, it may also be a disadvantage. Although the thin shape doesn’t fit the travel mug, it makes excellent, strong coffee ideal for dorm residents, single men, and people living alone.

K-Select Coffee Maker

The K-select coffee maker is the best family-size coffee maker with a strong brew option; it contains the following: 4 cup sizes, an auto-off button for power savings, and a 52 oz (1,538 milliliters) water reservoir, a removable drip tray, and a strong setting for extra brewing.

K-select coffee brewer is one of the best choices you can recommend to anyone regarding durability and ease of use.


If you own a coffee maker at your home or office and want it to meet your coffee-making expectations, this is the one to get. It comes with both the powerful brew option and ice brewing and hot brewing.

The K-elite contains a potent and tastier brew with a strong setting, auto-on, offsetting, proper brewing for ice coffee, fits a travel mug, and a big reservoir up to 12 oz (354 milliliters) capacity with 5 cup size settings.

The K-elite coffee maker is a top-selling and very popular model because of the display and the numerous settings. Despite being of medium size, when you compare it to Keurig’s slim models, it may take up some counter space, but the functionality of this model is incomparable.

K-Mini Plus

The K-mini plus is better than K-mini because of the strong button and the removable reservoir. K-mini plus is the best single-serve coffee maker because of the slimmest single-serve machine, a power button, and removable reservoir with a 6oz to 12oz (177 to 354 milliliters) capacity for each cup. It is one of the priceable coffee machines by Keurig and is easy to control.

K-Supreme Plus

The K-supreme plus doesn’t have a single strong button. Instead, you can use a strong setting to change your coffee’s strength from intense balance. The longer the brew time to extract a stronger flavor, the higher the level you select above the equilibrium.

The Keurig coffee machine will automatically use the settings that the manufacturer suggests for the pod if you don’t change them. The K-supreme has the best budget choice, sleek design, and multi-strength background.


The K-Classic, in some other name, is a timeless classic. For newbies, this coffee maker is perfect with just one fill of the 48-ounce (1,420 milliliters) water tank in this coffee. This device is delightfully simple to use. You can start sipping your delicious coffee within a few minutes of programming.

However, we decided to include this device on this list even though it is an older model and a little outdated since we believe it deserves to be there.

Some of its features include the following:

  • It comes in different colors.
  • It doesn’t consume much space.
  • It can use both pods and ground coffee.
  • It is best for apartments, office spaces, and dorms.

What to Do if Your Strong Button Isn’t Working

It functions well if you press the strong setting and the cup sizes light up. There is likely a quick fix that will work for you if the cup-size lights do not turn on. The most common error is to place the K-cup in the coffee maker machine before turning it on. Instead, start the engine, open the pod chamber, put the pod in, and shut the section.

If you try pressing the strong button, you should get to see the cup sizes lighting up.

How to Make Stronger Keurig Coffee Without a Strong Button

If you have a Keurig that doesn’t have a strong button, the first and easiest way to make your favorite strong coffee is by selecting the pod that is on the right side. If the roast is dark, the taste will also be so intense.

The Keurig’s signature extra bold coffee pod is the Dark Magic. On the contrary, you can also find a variety of bold roast variety packs with strong pods from several different brands. Even so, using a Keurig small cup stronger will help you improve the strength of your coffee.

Most Keurig models can make 4,6,8oz (118,177 and 237 milliliters) coffees, but others have an option for much larger 10 or 12oz (296 or 354 milliliters) too. Therefore there is only a single standard K-cup size; it is now easier to understand the reason behind selecting a larger cup. Running additional water through the pod may result in a weaker coffee.

If your strong button is weak, you should consider using two pods on a smaller cup size option rather than selecting a large one.

The Advantages of Stronger Coffee

Keurig is one of the best manufacturers of coffee makers and coffee pods for people who prefer strong coffee in the morning or afternoon to maximize their brain power. A strong coffee plays a significant role in brainstorming brilliant ideas at work whenever you need a little push and adrenaline in the morning or other times.

For those who don’t enjoy intense flavors, coffee K-cups come in different flavors with light roast and additional flavors like vanilla and chocolate. To top of that, Keurig brewers offer a wide range of brew settings so that you can be able to obtain the perfect cup of coffee.

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The Final Say

With all the information in this article, you can conclude that the most benefit of owning a Keurig is the convenience of brewing a strong hot coffee. All you need to do to maintain your Keurig is regular cleaning so it doesn’t operate slowly.