Help! My Nespresso Vertuo Next is Not Working!

When the Nespresso Vertuo Stops Working

The Nespresso Vertuo Next machine is a thrilling stainless steel device that sparkles. Is your Nespresso Vertuo Next not working? Like other devices, if you don’t give your once-loved Nespresso machine some care and attention, it can soon start having problems.

According to our research, descaling or resetting Nespresso machines to their factory default settings are the two most frequent causes of improper operation.

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Common Issues Associated With Nespresso Vertuo Devices

Every Nespresso owner experiences an issue that prevents them from receiving coffee at some point in their lives. One of them is usually the Nespresso Vertuo Next button not working. Below is a Nespresso troubleshooting guide to assist you in repairing your Nespresso machine.

There is a solution that addresses many of the issues users encounter while trying to troubleshoot their Nespresso. You must descale your machine to solve most of these problems. You should probably descale your device if you haven’t done so in the last 600 cups of coffee or six months.

Problems Descaling Can Fix

  • Coffee and water leaks.
  • Unusual coffee flow and low pressure.
  • The coffee does not brew hot enough.
  • Half-green, half-red signal.
  • Flashing orange light.
  • Water spills.

If it is slightly off, that may cause the water to drip all over your counter. Empty the used capsule container. They occasionally retain a small amount of liquid.

If the capsule is leaking, there may be an issue with the piercing needle. You can have water leaking if it doesn’t make a big enough hole. For the answer, see the (Doesn’t Pierce Capsule) section below.

Coffee is Not Hot Enough 

Descale your Nespresso machine as a first option. Every time you brew coffee in your Nespresso machine, buildup occurs. Due to this buildup, the boiler may have a tougher time heating the water for brewing. Use this guide if you don’t know how to describe your machine.

You can warm the water before adding it to the water reservoir if the first solution makes your coffee hotter, but it’s still not hot enough. Although it is difficult to do in the morning, it is easy to accomplish if you want hotter coffee.

Coffee Comes Out Cold 

You may have a greater issue if all of your coffee is coming out cold. Your machine’s heating block may get damaged, which heats the water. You’ll need to have it changed to remedy this.

Machine Has No Pressure 

You might only need to descale your machine from the inside accumulation, as with most Nespresso machine issues. Eliminating the accumulation might improve your machine’s water flow, increasing the pressure you brew coffee.

Letting your water reservoir run dry is another potential source of low pressure. If you don’t fill your water reservoir, your Nespresso may develop air pockets, lowering the pressure.

Start by filling up your water reservoir to resolve this. 

To capture fluids, put something underneath the brewing spout. Clean your machine of any used capsules. After finishing up, close the capsule area and press the brew button. This will force out all the air inside, and you can continue.

Nothing is Coming Out of Your Nespresso

This issue typically arises when you have a brand-new Nespresso or have not been using yours. The machine is working internally, but nothing is flowing out of the brewing spout, which is one of the symptoms of this issue.

Make sure everything is in order before moving on to the solution, such as ensuring you mount your machine’s water reservoir appropriately.

Okay, let’s get to the answer! You may need to prime the water pump in your Nespresso if everything else has proper configurations. You’ll require a syringe or another device that can compel water into a tiny aperture in your device.

  1. Remove your water reservoir and empty your machine of any capsules. To catch any spills, put something underneath the brewing spout.
  2. There will be a hole where the water reservoir is. This is where you should insert your water syringe. Squeeze the water in.
  3. Press the brewing button when you’re ready, then start squeezing water into the hole to begin the process. When the water is flowing through your machine properly, you should notice that it begins to sound different.
  4. If it sounds exactly like it did before, you’re done. Reconnect the water reservoir, and your Nespresso machine should work properly. You might need to repeat step 3 a few times if it still doesn’t sound right, but eventually, it should.

Does Not Pierce Capsule

You may be using a different brand of capsules if your Nespresso machine fails to pierce the capsule. They might not get punctures from your device. Only the earlier Nespresso models get effects from this. 

You may use only Nespresso’s approved capsules in the Vertuoline since each one has a barcode on the top.

Additionally, you can inspect the needle used to puncture the capsules. Verify that it isn’t cracked or distorted. Perhaps cleaning is also necessary there. After cleaning it with a moist paper towel, check to see if it still functions.

Half Green and Half Red Light

This alert notifies you that it’s time to descale your machine. Although you can still use it, after a while, the light may start to glow orange. You must therefore descale your machine.

6 Different Red Light Problems

Nobody loves to see their Nespresso’s red light! That can. It’s a common misconception that Nespresso is not working; however, this is not the case. One of the most straightforward issues is when a red light is present.

  1. A Continuously Blinking Red Light and Doesn’t Open

Option 1: Start by gently prying open the head as your first option. A dried-out, old capsule lodged in your machine may be the root of the problem.

Option 2: If the first one doesn’t work, you can always attempt the machine’s tried-and-true method of unplugging it. After 15 to 30 minutes of unplugging, plug it back in. Try it out by turning it on.

  1. Machine Does Not Start, and Red Light Blinks Every 2 Seconds 

Remove any capsules that may be inside your Nespresso by opening it. Close the used capsule container after emptying it.

  1. Red Steady Light and Machine is Not Running 

Try turning off and unplugging your device from the outlet. Unplug it for 15 to 30 minutes. Your Nespresso requires a break like any other technological item. Try reconnecting the socket and turning it on after waiting.

  1. Red Light Flashes Twice and Then Blinks an Orange Light 

After removing any used capsules, try to reset Nespresso. The company offers a guide to assist you if you are unsure how to reset a Nespresso Vertuo device.

  1. Red Light Flashes Twice + Clicking Noises

Your machine is working just fine! You are currently on the menu for special functions.

  1. Clicking Sounds and Twice-Flashing Red Light

Open the compartment where you store the capsules and unplug your Nespresso machine. Some coffee grounds should come out if you turn it over. Sometimes the coffee grounds block the tiny teeth that puncture your capsules.

A disc and the teeth that puncture the capsules should also be visible. Try spinning it; it ought to spin very effortlessly. Clean it with a moist paper towel or something similar if it won’t spin. Turn it back over and give it another try once you can comfortably spin it with your finger.

Orange Light Blinking Continuously 

This indicates that your Nespresso machine needs descaling. We have a guide for you to use if you don’t know how to descale your machine. Simply locate your device and adhere to the directions.

Green Light 

It’s heating up if it blinks nonstop, which indicates. The longest you’ll have to wait to obtain a cup of coffee is a minute.

Resetting Your Nespresso Machine 

Like most technological gadgets, sometimes all it takes to get it working is a simple reset. It can be trickier to reset your Nespresso machine, depending on your model. Fortunately, we have a simple tutorial to assist you quickly resetting your Nespresso machine!

Why is My Vertuo Next Blinking White?

If the coffee is flowing normally, the machine is operating correctly. If all that is flowing is water, the device is carrying out a user request to clean, descale, or empty the system.

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Why Does My Vertuo Next Have Water in the Capsule Compartment?

Why does the used capsule container/holder on my Vertuo Next device contain water? Some water backflow from the brewing process flows to the capsule container. To lessen this backflow, Nespresso made a remote software upgrade available. Please connect your machine to the Nespresso App if you want to update it.

What to Do When Your Nespresso Vertuo is Leaking

Make sure you position your water reservoir properly. If it is slightly off, that may cause the water to drip all over your counter.

Additionally, empty the used capsule container. They occasionally retain a small amount of liquid, which can accumulate and leak. If the capsule is leaking, there may be an issue with the piercing needle. You can have water leaking if it doesn’t make a big enough hole. For the answer, see the Doesn’t Pierce Capsule section below.

How to Stop Your Vertuo From Brewing Different Quantities

Suppose you own a new Nespresso Vertuo Next by De’Longhi machine. In that case, you are aware that the production of the drink is in a specific manner and that the particular coffee pods contain a barcode that your machine can read. But what if that isn’t quite what you’re looking for? 

Let’s keep this a secret, but you can change the amount of a drink or a glass of water right there and then. You can even reprogram your machine to read barcodes how YOU want it to. The Nespresso Vertuo Next by De’Longhi has a drink size adjustment feature.

How to Adjust Drink Sizes – One Time

Let’s imagine you decide at the last minute to change the amount of your drink or that you didn’t select a large enough cup and want to halt it. The water will shut off with a slight delay if you click the button once more to halt the flow early. 

How Do I Set Drink Sizes Permanently?

Additionally, you can alter the water volume permanently and preserve the new preset.

The distinctive barcode on the pod specifies the drink size for each capsule type; there are five options: Alto, Mug, Gran Lungo, Double Espresso, or Espresso. 

However, if you’d want, you can change this on your computer, and the computer will preserve the change as a new saved preference. To modify a coffee size indefinitely:

  • Open the machine head and place the programming capsule inside.
  • Lock the machine and shut the head. As the device heats up, the light will flicker.
  • Press and hold the button until the volume is what you want.
  • The machine is ready when the light remains steady.

The preparation will now halt at the user-programmed cup size every time that capsule type is in the machine once the user has set a customer-specific volume.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Factory Reset Not Working

Do you need to perform a factory reset or go back to the beginning of time?

  • Remove the used capsule by opening the machine head.
  • Ejected. the head in. Maintain the handle’s “Unlocked” setting.
  • Within 3 seconds, press the button five times.
  • The button blinks five times in orange before becoming steady white.

My Vertuo Has Coffee Grounds in the Cup – What Now?

Is the flow from your Nespresso machine excessively slow and poor? Or do you typically pour coffee more slowly or thinly than you would? Perhaps the coffee is dripping out of the machine slowly because it is not flowing properly or at all? Or maybe you’re not thrilled with how much coffee you’ve been getting recently in your cup?

It may be necessary to clean out your Nespresso coffee maker if you aren’t receiving the same cup of coffee anymore for whatever reason.

What’s Wrong With Your Clogged Nespresso Machine?

Your Nespresso coffee maker’s brewing chamber, spout, nozzle, and washer plate may have a buildup of hardened coffee oils and coffee residue resulting in a problem with the flow of your coffee. With each cup you brew, these parts progressively accumulate oils and coffee sludge in the front of your machine.

Sludge buildup can significantly impact your coffee’s flavor and aroma. It can also quickly block the washer plate’s holes, resulting in poor flow, and coffee drips out slowly since it can force less water through the spout. Every machine requires a thorough cleaning. Doing this monthly is advisable because these build-ups eventually clog your coffee maker.

Please see the images below to see what is happening beneath the attractive nozzle of your coffee maker. In any case, it’s hardly what you want in your next cup of coffee.

How to Fully Unclog and Clean Your Nespresso Coffee Machine

So how can you clean and unclog a coffee maker that drips or flows slowly? A coffee machine cleaning capsule is the most effective technique to clear the clog. 

Your Nespresso machine will receive the periodic cleaning it needs to operate correctly if you use a Caffenu cleaning capsule after preparing 30 cups of coffee or at least once a month. And utilizing it is just as simple as brewing coffee.

The Caffenu cleaning capsule fits your Nespresso original line machine and cleans the front end thoroughly and hygienically. The capsule releases a special cleaning solution that effectively cleans the brewing chamber, spout, and washer plate while entering previously inaccessible spaces through a foaming action. 

Something that neither hot water nor a descaling agent could accomplish because they lack the foaming ability.

The flow and flavor of your coffee are much improved by using the Caffenu cleaning capsule to unclog the washer plate and flush out all bad and hardened oils, old coffee residue, and bacteria from your coffee maker. Additionally, this guarantees that the coffee in your subsequent cup is the best and tastes the freshest.

How to Use the Caffenu Cleaning Capsule in Your Nespresso Machine

You run your machine after inserting the cleaning capsule similarly to how you would like a coffee capsule. After the device has stopped, wait at least a minute to let the residual cleaning solution pass through the necessary parts before starting it up again to flush the rest out. 

To remove any remaining cleaning residue, eject the capsule, shut the lever, and run the machine with simply water at least twice. Every 30 cups of coffee should have this process performed, or at least once per month. Please be aware that descaling your machine versus utilizing a cleaning capsule is a separate process, which we see below.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Descaling Your Nespresso Machine

Because of the foaming power, oils and tannins accumulate in the front of your machine. A cleaning capsule must eliminate them. The water tank, a thermoblock, a heating element, and other internal parts, such as pipelines, are in the back of each Nespresso Machine. 

These elements are in charge of heating and brewing your coffee. And these elements can produce mineral residue and limescale, which a descaling solution can only eliminate.

If you notice that your coffee isn’t as hot as it used to be, the thermoblock and element of your machine possibly have calcium and lime scale buildup. 

Decalcifying and descaling are essential to eliminate the calcium and lime scale. With the Caffenu Eco descaler, removing this buildup is simple. The ideal Combo item to use in conjunction with the cleaning capsule. Nevertheless, depending on the hardness of the water you use, descaling is only necessary every 3 to 6 months.

Additionally, suppose you own a Nespresso lattissima touch or any other milk-frothing apparatus. In that case, you can run into issues with clogged milk pipes on your machine or a milk frother or container that isn’t functioning properly. 

This is because milk blockages accumulate if milk frothing circuits aren’t cleaned often. To maintain efficient useability, these circuits also need cleaning sometimes. Discover how to take care of your milk system by reading more about the Caffenu Universal Coffee Machine Milk System Cleaner.

Cleaning and maintenance are the keys to having Nespresso machines that operate flawlessly and produce coffee with a fresh flavor because your coffee maker will take good care of you if you take good care of it! Here’s to delicious coffee and a cheerful, spotless coffee maker!

How to Descale a Nespresso Vertuo

Do you wonder why your Nespresso coffee doesn’t taste good enough or has an off flavor? This instruction teaches how to quickly and easily descale your Nespresso Vertuoplus machine.

Descaling your coffee maker is the cleaning and removing any extra filth accumulated on its surface, which might stop your coffee maker from working correctly and producing coffee that doesn’t taste good.

Make sure you have the Nespresso descaling equipment before using this instruction. Any other cleaning agent used in the machine could cause it to malfunction. Follow the following steps to descale your machine.

  • Press the coffee mug-shaped button to start the appliance.
  • To remove any used capsules from the machine, raise the lever.
  • Remove all capsules from the capsule jar at the machine’s back.
  • By depressing the same lever, you can turn the machine off.
  • You should add three cups of water to the Nespresso descaling liquid after adding one unit to the water tank.
  • Push the button and lever for three seconds to activate the machine’s descaling mode.
  • When you arrive at the “special functions” menu, an orange light will appear to let you know.
  • Press the lever down once to activate the descaling mode.
  • Push the button to begin descaling.
  • The descaling function will begin to show by the orange light blinking.
  • When finished, the device will shut down automatically.
  • Empty the water tank of the descaling solution.
  • Thoroughly rinse and clean the tank.
  • Reinstall the water tank in the machine after it is full of new water.
  • To clean the device, press the button.
  • When finished, the device will shut down automatically.

My Vertuo is Not Receiving Firmware Updates

The device needs you to plug it in and connect it to wifi to get firmware upgrades. Be careful to leave the machine plugged in overnight because updates occur then. The devices use no energy even when plugged in since they are energy-efficient and turn themselves off after two minutes of inactivity. Always have the techniques for Nespresso Vertuo troubleshooting.

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That’s All, Folks

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is a chic-looking device that consistently produces smooth coffee with excellent crema. The Vertuo Next is the most user-friendly coffee maker we’ve ever tried, deserving of a spot among the top ones. All you need to do is insert a pod and push a button.

Five different cup sizes are available, and because this machine is essentially mess-free, cleanup only takes a few seconds. We found Vertuo Next to be somewhat restrictive on its own because it only allows you to make espressos or Americanos; if you want to make lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll need to spend extra money on a milk frother.