VERIFIED: How Long Do Keurig’s Last?

The Keurig

Keurig is one of the best state-of-the-art coffee makers on the market today. Potential customers will usually ask how long do Keurig’s last or how long do Keurig’s usually last?

To answer this, we’ve gone over everything you need to know about the shelf life of a Keurig machine. We also listed methods to make your Keurig last longer and answered questions about the brewer’s warranty.

How Long Does a Keurig Last? 

How long does a coffee maker last is the most commonly asked question by potential customers. For this article, a better question would be how long should a Keurig last? 

Some experts say the average lifespan of a Keurig is five years and others say that they can last up to 10 years.

That means your Keurig machine can have a lifespan of anywhere between 5 and 10 years. Of course, this number could vary depending on the type of Keurig you get and if you buy a faulty one.

If you can make your Keurig last over five years or even 10 years, the investment is well worth it.

Top Tips to Make Your Keurig Last Longer

Potential buyers not only want to know the lifespan of Keurig’s but also how long does a coffee maker last? (in general). That answer usually depends on how well you take care of your machine.

That is why we put together this section listing tips for making your Keurig last longer.

Thoroughly Clean Your Keurig

Be sure to thoroughly clean your Keurig regularly if you want it to last longer. Not just the outside but all of the removable pieces inside the machine.

Empty The Water Reservoir

Never leave water in the reservoir if you are not brewing coffee. Leaving water in the reservoir for any extended period of time can lead to a variety of things.

This includes bacteria forming in the water or insects laying eggs in the stale water. Both have negative impacts on your machine and overall health.

Water tank

Use Distilled Water Only

Only use distilled water that does not include any minerals or calcium. These minerals can clog the machine’s tubes or lead to a buildup of lime inside the filter.

Distilled water

Rinse after brewing something sticky

If you decide to make hot chocolate for your child, clean up any sticky residue afterward. Thoroughly rinse out the machine to remove any residue from the sweet drink.

How Do I Clean My Keurig?

What Items will I Need to Clean My Keurig?

You will need specific small cleaning tools, as well as products to properly clean your Keurig coffee brewer. Here is what you will need.

  • Toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • White Vinegar
  • Light Cleaning Detergent
  • Cleaning Cloth
White vinegar and sponge

Cleaning Step 1: Disassemble the Keurig

You have to thoroughly clean every piece of a Keurig to make it last longer. Start by removing all the removable parts and placing them in your sink or a large bowl.

(NOTICE!) Be aware of the needle that punctures the K-cup. It could cut you or damage the net filter if you’re not careful.

Cleaning Step 2: Clean the Removable Parts

Once you have removed the small removable parts, you will put them in your sink or large bowl. Fill either with water or washing detergent and let the pieces sit for 15 minutes.

Once the time is complete, clean each piece by hand with a small toothbrush. After washing each piece, let them dry in your dish rack.

Cleaning Step 3: Cleaning The Machine.

As the small parts of your Keurig machine are soaking, you can clean the outside of the device. Take a sponge with soap and wash the outside of the machine thoroughly, then dry with a cloth.

Cleaning Step 4: Filter and Reservoir Cleaning Process

You must also clean the water reservoir and filter to remove any unseen bacteria or limescale build-up. Reassemble your Keurig and place a mixture of water and white vinegar into the reservoir.

Turn on the brewer and let the boiled water and vinegar mixture filter through into a large cup. This cleaning method will clean out any unseen bacteria from your Keurig machine.

The Longest Lasting Coffee Maker 

When someone is looking to purchase a new coffee maker, they want to know two things. How long do coffee makers last, and what is the longest-lasting coffee maker? Here is the answer to both of these questions below.

How Long Do Coffee Makers Last? 

Most electric coffee makers designed for home use have a life expectancy of around 3-5 years. This goes for every type of home brew machine, from basic coffee drippers, espresso makers, and Keurig brewers.

What is the Longest Lasting Coffee Maker?

You may think the most expensive and high-tech coffee makers last the longest, but you would be wrong. The longest-lasting coffee makers are actually the most simple types of brewers.

Those include cone filters and french presses, which can last almost forever if taken care of. This is because they’re made with fewer pieces than modern electric coffee brewers.

When a coffee maker has a lot of small pieces, there is a bigger chance that the machine will break down.

Factors That Shorten the Lifespan of a Keurig

You can do things to lengthen the lifespan of your Keurig and certainly do things to shorten it. Here are different ways that will lead to a shortened lifespan for your Keurig.

Not Regularly Cleaning Your Keurig

If you forget to clean your Keurig regularly, it probably won’t last more than three years. All the residue from past use will corrode your machine and destroy it.


A Keurig is made for home use, where it will only be used a few times per day. If it’s used multiple times per day, like in an office setting, it won’t last as long.

Using Water With Minerals

Neglecting to use distilled water will shorten the life of your Keurig machine. The minerals and calcium in un-distilled water ruin the machine’s tubes and filters.

Do Keurigs Have Warranties and Guarantees? 

Do Keurig’s have warranties, and if so, how long is a Keurig warranty? All Keurigs come with a one-year warranty to replace any parts or the entire machine itself.

Here are some excerpts of the full guidelines of the warranty from the Keurig website.

Limited One-Year Warranty

Keurig’s warranty states that the brewer will be free of defects under one year of regular home use. The company also recommends that you register your purchase and warranty card on the website so that they can store your information.

Once you claim the warranty, Keurig will inspect your brewer and decide on the next step. At the company’s option, they will either replace a faulty part or replace the whole machine.

Either with a new or reconditioned replacement with a new one-year warranty attached to your replacement.

What is Not Covered Under the Warranty?

Even though the warranty on the Keurig is solid, it does have some limitations. Here is what isn’t under the limited one-year warranty.

  • Replacements are only available to residents of the US and Canada.
  • The warranty doesn’t cover incidental property damage.
  • The one-year warranty will not be honored if the result of using a non-K-pod or accessory.

Replacing Your Faulty Keurig 

To replace your faulty Keurig, you must follow the guideline on the warranty service card. You must call the Keurig customer service number: 1.866.901.BREW (2739)

When you call, a customer service representative will answer to respond to your claim on the warranty. They will ask you some questions and then decide if your request is within the one-year limited warranty.

How Often to Replace Your Keurig? 

How often should you replace your Keurig is another question new users often ask about this brewer. There will be warning signs telling you when it is time to replace your Keurig.

Not Brewing Coffee 

The most obvious sign to replace your Keurig is if it stops making coffee. If it’s past the warranty, it’s time to buy a new Keurig machine.

Change In Coffee Taste 

When a coffee maker is nearing the end of its lifespan, the taste of the coffee may tend to change. It may taste like a coffee-flavored beverage if it’s not getting hot enough or like burned grounds if it’s too hot.

If your Keurig produces coffee with one of these tastes, it may be time for a replacement.

Leaks In Machine

When water or brewed coffee is leaking out, then chances are a part inside the machine has rusted or broken. Either way, it would be cheaper just to buy a new coffee maker than to try to find replacement parts,

K-pods Become Obsolete

You may also just have an older model of Keurig that has become obsolete. The company is always making innovations to their product, which includes developing new K-pods.

Unfortunately, the development of new K-pods, could mean the discontinuation of older models. If it’s getting harder to find K-pods for an older model, it may be time for a new one.

The Bottom(Less) Line

The bottom line is the lifespan of a Keurig will mostly depend on how well you take care of your brewer. When you do regular maintenance, your Keurig may last up to five years or even more. Well worth the investment if your Keurig lasts over five years. Read our article and find out Can You Make Espresso in a Keurig?