Information Desired! How Does a Keurig Work Exactly?

The Keurig Range of Coffee Machines 

Keurig is a brand of K-cup beverage makers manufactured by Keurig Dr. Pepper, designed to make it possible for people to have their coffee whenever and wherever. If you would like to know how does a Keurig work, this is the article for you. 

The Keurig range of coffee machines is from single cup machines to premium K-cups and even pod brewing machines. Keurig brewing technology works with special K-cups that contain coffee grounds.

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How Does a Keurig Work?

So how does a Keurig work? To fully understand how a Keurig coffee machine works, it’s important to know how to make coffee. Each type of coffee has different levels of acidity or tartness that are crucial to a good cup. 

The taste of the coffee is directly affected by the acidity, the chlorogenic acid, an organic compound found in coffee beans, which makes a cup of coffee taste different between roasters. 

There are several stages involved with making coffee. First, the beans are grown; then, they are fermented and processed. Next, the beans are either roasted or brewed. 

While brewing is the most common way of preparing coffee, it is not the only way. Each stage is essential, either for the coffee’s taste or its quality.

Keurig coffee brewers can withstand high temperatures and pressure. They have a water tank that stores a large amount making them efficient and less time-consuming. The brewers use special K-cups, which are prepackaged coffee pods that hold freshly ground coffee. 

When you put a K-cup in the machine, fill it with water, and the device is programmed to heat water, brew coffee, and then dispense it out of the machine into a cup. 

When you lift the lid of a Keurig brewer, you’ll see a water reservoir, coffee grounds, an internal heating element, and a brew switch with a red button. When you press the brew switch, water runs through the heating element, which heats the water and transfers the heat to the water reservoir, where you have coffee grounds. 

This transfer of heat allows the coffee grounds to dissolve slowly. The coffee then flows through the Keurig machine and into your cup.

There are a lot of benefits associated with the Keurig brewing system. Now let us move on to how to work a Keurig. The machines come with a tank that holds the water. 

The size buttons on Keurig will help you decide the strength of your coffee. The stronger the coffee, the less the quantity.

There are various parts of the Keurig that you need to know: 

  • The brewer: This is the central part of your machine, where you heat the water, insert the K-cup, and brew the ground coffee. 
  • The water reservoir: This is where you add water to your machine and is removable for easy cleaning. 
  • The water heating system: When you insert a K-cup into the brewer, the water is heated, making the coffee in the K-cup. 
  • The carafe: This is attached to the machine and can be used to serve guests directly from the carafe.

These are the parts you will need to replace constantly and are also required are the K-cup holder, but this is relatively cheap. You’ll also need to buy new K-cups, which are relatively inexpensive. Keurig instructions will guide you on how to replace these parts. 

It is easy to learn how to use a Keurig as per the following steps.

  1. Press the button to heat the water, which will then be pumped from the tank to the heating chambers through pipes to heat the water to an ideal coffee-making temperature.
  2. Insert the K-cup into the opening under the lid and choose a small, which will be a stronger brew, or a large, which is weaker and will fill a standard coffee mug. 
  3. The K-cup is pierced on the foil lid to deliver the hot water into the K-cup. Another pin will pierce the K-cup, the bottom plastic foil pouring your coffee into your mug, ready to enjoy your delicious cup.

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There are several things to consider before you buy a Keurig coffee machine, seeing as though there are several types of devices available in the market.

A Keurig machine is for people of all walks of life who would like to enjoy the convenience of a pod brewer but would rather have a drip machine; than consider a drip machine. If you love the idea of a single-serve brewer but prefer something smaller, you may have better luck with a single-cup brewer like the Keurig.

Directions for Keurig can easily be easy to follow, making it user-friendly. 

The Keurig is perfect for anyone, whether you are single, a small or big family, an office, or a factory, for the following reasons. 

  • Things are kept sanitary due to their single-use functionality, as each person only handles one K-cup and one mug.
  • Using a Keurig cuts down wastage on water, energy usage, and other coffee supplies. 
  • It is efficient and saves time as you don’t have to constantly refill and wait because the brewer has a large tank. You can easily make several cups of coffee in two minutes.
  • Keurig has K-cups that come in a variety of flavors, thus catering to people with different coffee preferences.

Keurig vs. Drip Brewer – The Difference

Before we get into how the two compare, let’s explore the drip brewer.

What is a Drip Brewer

Drip coffee plunges finely ground beans into an external or permeable paper filter to extract liquid from the beans. 

The process of brewing this type of coffee is called “drip.” There are several systems that you can purchase to make this process a reality. 

An external filter will sit on top of a kettle and catch the drips of coffee as they fall into the water below. A paper filter sits inside a basket and is placed inside a brewer to catch the drops of coffee as they pour out of a basket below. 

To make a cup of coffee, you fill a kettle with water and ground coffee. You then place the filter into the top of the brewer and fit the lid onto the brewer.

Once you turn your brewer on, the filter will begin to absorb the water and coffee from the water below, resulting in a cloud of steam and a steady stream of coffee that pours out of the filter.

Barista pouring water to make  coffee using manual drip brewer

How Does a Drip Brewer Working 

Drip brewing involves brewing coffee by passing it through a filter inside a coffee brewer. The filter collects the coffee and allows the water to pass into the waiting container. 

The water passes through the coffee grounds, resulting in coffee and a few residual coffee grounds in the cup. Once you have your coffee, dispose of the filter and rinse the container with hot water. 

There are many different types of drip coffee makers on the market, and each has a slightly different design and purpose. The primary purpose of drip coffee makers is to allow you to brew one cup of coffee at a time. The design of the brewer serves to keep the coffee from spilling out while still allowing it to be easily collected and removed. 

The amount of coffee that can brew at a time depends on the size of the filter and the brewing time.

Types of Drip Coffee Makers 

  • iCoffee- The iCoffee uses filter paper to mimic the filter used in French presses. The design of the paper is to slowly and gently brew coffee by filtering water and allowing the coffee grounds to release the flavors of the coffee beans slowly. 
  • Filtron- Filtron brewing systems are some of the most popular drip coffee makers. These brewers feature dishwasher-safe metal filters, making them easy to clean and quick to replace. 
  • Barista – Barista brewing systems come in several different styles and price points. There are expensive, high-end models that are a step above other drip coffee makers, but there is a range of models in the mid-price range that make a good cup of coffee, too.

To decide which is best suited for your needs between the Keurig and the drop brew, you will need to understand the similarities and differences between the two products. 

Before we dive into the differences, let’s see how these two products are similar:

  • They both make regular cups of coffee.
  • A Keurig and drip brewer are similar in technology; they are both automatic and come in various sizes to suit different needs.
  • They both have carafes which you can directly serve your visitors. 

Here are the highlighted differences between the two. 

  • Drip brewers use filters that are cumbersome to clean and maintain, while you don’t have filters in a Keurig.
  • Keurig K-cups are filled with ground coffee, whereas a drip machine uses freshly ground coffee beans. 
  • Many people love using K-cups, as they come in various flavors and are easy to store.
  • Keurig costs more than your average drip brewer, and it takes up a lot of cupboard space. Drip coffee makers also provide a rich, full-bodied flavor, but they are usually cheaper and are better for the environment.
  • The Keurig is much more costly than the drip brewer.
  • The Keurig is easy to clean and has a descaling functionality which is not the same for the drip brewer.
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Keurig Machine Pros and Cons

The Keurig brewing technology is very convenient, making it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee from the comfort of your own home. The brewing process takes only 2 to 3 minutes, and once the machine has brewed your coffee, you can remove the used K-cup and put it in the recycle bin. Read our article and find out Can You Re-Use K-Cups?

Keurig brewers are easy to use, but they are also pricey. Keurig coffee machines are more expensive than coffee brewers that use a traditional drip coffee filter. Depending on your lifestyle and coffee preference, you could spend more on a coffee using a Keurig than a drip coffee maker. 

The convenience of these machines comes with a price. The Keurig brewing process is more expensive to produce as it uses more energy. And if you drink a lot of coffee, it could cost you more electricity than if you used a drip machine.

Here are the pros and cons of the Keurig coffee machines, and here we’ll go over both. 


  • The brewing cycle takes up to four minutes, making it fast and convenient.
  • There are a variety of models and colors to choose from to fit your home or office decor.
  • The brewing reservoir is removable, which allows you to clean it easily. 
  • The water reservoir can hold up to 48 ounces of water, which is a lot for everyday use.
  • The K-cups come in various flavors and strengths, so you can always find one that suits your taste buds. 
  • You can remove the machine’s carafe and serve guests directly from the carafe, which makes it easy to get guests involved in the morning ritual.
  • It is relatively inexpensive. 


  • Keurig has a shorter lifespan than drip coffee makers. 
  • It is costly to purchase a Keurig compared to a drip brewer.
  • The K-cups are expensive, so you’ll have to buy a new one once they’re finished.
  • The machine’s water reservoir tends to heat up after a while. 
  • The K-cups have a short shelf life, so you have to be careful about buying them.
  • The base K-cups are plastic which is not environmentally friendly.

We’ve Got You Covered 

A Keurig brewer is a machine that produces coffee from K-cups. The brewing process differs from drip brewing methods as it does not use filtering water. The brewing process is more convenient, as you don’t have to clean a coffee maker or deal with messy filters, and it’s less messy, too. 

It is quick and easy to use; the Keurig brewer is suitable for various applications and is suited for professional and home settings. 

Keurig brewers are more expensive than drip brewing methods, they use more energy, and they are not as common as drip brewing methods.