The Ultimate Guide to Hario V60 Sizes: Which One is Right for You?

What is a Hario V60?

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar with the Hario V60. However, with multiple Hario V60 sizes available in the market, you will need help selecting the one suitable for your coffee needs.

That’s where this ultimate guide comes in! Join us as we delve deeply into various sizes of the Hario V60 and help you pick the perfect one for your brewing needs. Let’s dig in!

Hario V60 coffee brewing and serving

The Various V60 Options

The Hario V60 is available in different options, including

  • Sizes: The size options are 01, 02, and 03
  • Materials: The Hario V60 material options include metal, ceramic, glass, and plastic
  • Colors: It is also available in different colors, such as black and copper.  

These are critical factors you should consider before choosing a Hario V60. It is best to choose a combination that suits your preferences and brewing needs. 

Does the Size Affect the Brewing Method and Taste?

Definitely! The size of the Hario V60 dripper affects the brewing method you use and your coffee’s taste. For example, the V60’s size affects the amount of coffee you can brew at once. If you have a larger V60 size, you can brew more coffee. You’ll also require a coarser grind and longer brewing time to achieve your desired taste.

Additionally, the size of the V60 affects the flow rate of the water through the coffee grounds, affecting the coffee’s taste. A larger V60 has a slower flow rate, resulting in a more robust and tastier cup of coffee.

Regarding the brewing method, it is the same for the different Hario V60 sizes. However, the amount of coffee and water you’ll use will vary per the size of the V60 you’re using.   

The Different Hario V60 Material Options

The Hario V60 is available in various materials, including ceramic, plastic, metal, and glass. Each of these materials has some key distinctions that affect your craft coffee. Let’s look at these materials in detail:


The Hario V60 coffee dripper, in its classic white ceramic form, boasts an aesthetically pleasing and one-of-a-kind design synonymous with the brand’s identity. The manufacturer hand-crafts this dripper in Arita, Japan, and its ceramic construction gives it a weightier feel than its plastic and metal counterparts, which have merits and demerits.

One benefit of ceramic construction is its complete resistance to heat, which puts some users at ease since it cannot emit toxic chemical components when you heat it to brewing temperature. Ceramic V60 drippers are more disposed to breakage and less portable than plastic and metal drippers. This aspect may discourage one from opting for this choice.

Despite these considerations, the Hario V60 ceramic dripper is the most widespread and accessible of the four types available in the market. It is ideal for coffee enthusiasts interested in a dependable and eco-friendly alternative. Additionally, the ceramic material ensures that the dripper will never rust, which is good for the taste of the coffee.

The ceramic model is superior to the metal model in terms of thermal heat mass, allowing for better heat retention and a more robust flavor profile. However, since the ceramic material absorbs more heat initially due to its high thermal mass, it requires more preheating for optimal results.

On the other hand, the metal version absorbs heat faster than the ceramic dripper, especially during the initial pour, making it a better choice for iced drip coffee.

As expected, the ceramic Hario V60 dripper is more expensive than the plastic variant, but it is a worthwhile investment, in our opinion. It is important to remember that this particular model is only available in the 01 and 02 sizes.


Plastic Hario V60s are superior to their ceramic, metal, and glass counterparts due to their low thermal mass, allowing for higher brewing temperatures without extensive preheating. This leads to better extraction, resulting in a superior brew.

The manufacturer constructs the opaque V60s using polypropylene, which comes in red or white. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic that can withstand temperatures up to 320°F (160°C), preventing the risk of melting or leaching toxins. The red and white options are only available in sizes 01 and 02.

On the other hand, the transparent Hario V60 uses styrene-acrylonitrile resin (SAN) plastic, which can handle high temperatures but has a lower melting point of 239°F (115°C).

The cost of plastic V60 brewers is significantly less than that of their ceramic, glass, copper, and stainless steel counterparts, making them more accessible to consumers who want to try different sizes.

Furthermore, their lightweight nature makes them a more suitable option for pour-over setups with a lower weight capacity, eliminating the need to upgrade the scale.


The metal V60 coffee dripper possesses some advantages over its counterparts. For example, it heats up quickly and evenly allowing you to extract maximum flavor from your beans. They also cool down quickly allowing you to make multiple cups in quick succession. It is a popular option for those seeking a steampunk or industrial ambiance, similar to local coffee shops.

Available in stainless steel and copper, the metal V60 drippers are pricier but more durable than the plastic and ceramic models. Despite their durability, the stainless steel and copper V60 drippers underperform in terms of thermal heat mass as they tend to absorb heat from the slurry more rapidly.

As a result, you need extensive preheating before brewing to avoid a negative impact on the extraction process. This may also increase the overall brewing time.


The glass Hario V60 is a visually appealing option for those who prioritize aesthetics in their coffee bar. It is available in four different styles, adding to its elegance. The four styles are:

ColorDripper BodyHolderSize
Olive woodHeatproof glassOlive wood and a silicone rubber grip01,02
WhiteHeatproof glassPolypropylene01,02
RedHeatproof glassPolypropylene01,02
BlackHeatproof glassPolypropylene01,02,03

However, the glass material is delicate, so users must be careful while using and cleaning it, as one mishap can lead to costly replacements.

Additionally, similar to ceramic V60s, preheating is necessary before pouring and their thermal masses are identical. While not the most expensive option, the glass V60 is pricier than the plastic alternatives.

There is a glass version of the Hario V60 that features an attractive olive wood collar. The natural olive wood base of these drippers requires minimal upkeep. You can easily remove it to clean the silicone ring and glass v60. It is also dishwasher friendly.

Wipe the olive wood using a damp cloth and let it air dry to maintain its stunning look. This version of the Hario v60 produces great coffee and adds an elegant touch to your coffee bar.

Hario V60 coffee brewing

Hario V60- Plastic vs. Ceramic Options

The Hario V60 plastic and ceramic options are popular for different reasons. If you are having a tough time choosing between the two, here is a breakdown of how they differ:

ParameterPlastic Hario V60Ceramic Hario V60
PriceAffordableRelatively Expensive
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
CleaningEasy to cleanSlightly harder to clean
AestheticsPlain appearanceElegant appearance
Thermal Heat MassLowHigh
WeightLightweightRelatively heavier
AvailabilityWidely availableNot widely available in stores and online

Which Hario V60 is Right for Me?

The V60 line of coffee brewers has expanded into a wide range of materials and sizes. Your preference will be the guiding principle when deciding which is right for you. But, it would be best if you also had other practical considerations, including


The Hario V60 size is a critical factor to consider. The dripper is available in three different sizes that allow you to brew different amounts of coffee. The manufacturer uses a straightforward numbered system from one to three.

Hario describes size 01 as holding up to two cups. It is unclear how Hario defines a cup, but the general approach treats one cup as 5 ounces (148 milliliters). In this sense, the Hario size 01 will be 10 ounces (296 milliliters), size 02 will be 20 ounces (592 milliliters), and size 03 will be 30 ounces (888 milliliters).

Hario V60 02 is the standard option for most people. If you want to brew more coffee, you should find a size specific to your needs.


As mentioned earlier, the Hario V60 comes in different materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic. Our recommendation is the plastic option. It is more practical because it has a low thermal mass and keeps the water temperature stable during brewing.

However, if you value the aesthetic value of your dripper, you might have to consider the glass or ceramic options. For instance, Hario makes the ceramic version in Japan using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years.

On the flip side, if you are interested in an option that’s great at holding heat, the metal options will be ideal. Nonetheless, the plastic version is the most practical option for most people.


The price of the Hario V60 usually varies depending on design, material, and size. In this sense, the ceramic and glass variations are generally more expensive than the metal and plastic variations.

The classic designs are typically more affordable than the metal and classic drippers. Also, the accessories can affect the overall cost. Therefore, your budget will influence the type of V60 dripper you get.


Portability becomes a factor to consider if you wouldn’t use your V60 dripper exclusively at home. If you plan to go with your dripper on your camping trips, a plastic variation is a better option because they are lightweight and sturdy.

Comparing the Hario V60 01, 02, and 03

The Hario V60 sizes affect the amount of coffee you prepare at a time. Let’s look at the different sizes in greater detail:

Hario V60 Size 01 (Smallest)

This dripper size is available in most coffee shops. It is the smallest dripper making it the ideal option for coffee enthusiasts with limited space. You can brew 10 ounces (296 milliliters) of coffee.

That is the 01’s only downside; it makes a limited amount of coffee. This might work if you are one person, but if you prepare for more people, you’ll need a bigger dripper.

Hario V60 Size 02 (Medium)

This Hario V60 dripper is slightly bigger than the 01 and accommodates up to 17 ounces (503 milliliters) of water. As a result, it is ideal for people who are preparing coffee for more than one person.

Please avoid using smaller batches on the 02. You might get more agitation because of the distance from the spout to the top of the grounds since the grounds will be hiding further down at the dripper’s bottom. In this sense, use water volumes of at least 10 ounces (296 milliliters) for the best results.

Hario V60 Size 03 (Biggest)

This dripper size brews up to 40.5 ounces (1198 milliliters) or six cups of coffee. Consequently, it is the ideal option for small binges. But, if you’ll not prepare these quantities 80% of the time, getting this dripper doesn’t make sense.

The Best Hario V60 Filters

The Hario V60’s unique “V” shape, comprising 60-degree angles, is where it gets its name. All three sizes come with the same 60-degree funnel shape. This means that you can interchange all the filters to a certain extent. For example, you can buy the size 02 V60 filter and use it on the other Hario V60 sizes.   

The best Hario V60 filter depends on personal preferences. The filters are available in different materials, including cloth, paper, and metal. Each of these filter types has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s delve deeper into these filters to help you select one that fits your taste.

Paper Filter

This is the most prevalent among the Hario V60 filters. The manufacturer makes it using high-quality paper, and it is available in different V60 filter sizes, including 01, 02, and 03. Hario has its filters, but you can also find others by other brands.

This filter type is easy to use and produces a clean and crisp cup of coffee. Additionally, since it is disposable, cleaning is effortless. You can choose between the white and natural brown color options.

Metal Filter

This is a reusable filter made of high-quality stainless steel. The filter’s design allows you to use it with the Hario V60 coffee dripper. You can get the metal filter cone for Hario V60 size 02. 

It is an excellent alternative to paper filters as you can reuse them. Moreover, it produces a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee. Read our article and find out What To Use Instead Of Coffee Filters.

Cloth Filter

The manufacturer used high-quality material to create this reusable V60 filter. It is compatible with Hario V60 size 01 and 02. 

This filter makes a smooth and clean cup of coffee that does not have a paper taste. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly, reusable, and reduces waste.

Ceramic Filter

The Hario V60 ceramic filter is a unique and elegant filter with high-quality ceramic material. You can get it in two sizes, 01 and 02, and you can reuse it. You get a rich and smooth cup of coffee when you use it.

Glass Filter

This is a beautiful and functional filter made using high-quality glass. You should go for this option if you are elegant and love a rich and clean cup of coffee. The glass filter comes in sizes 01 and 02, compatible with the corresponding Hario V60 dripper sizes. 

So, which Hario V60 filter should you pick? Well, you should consider the strengths and weaknesses of each filter type based on its material, size, and price. Select the filter that suits your personal preference.  

FAQs on the Hario V60

Which Is the Best Grind Size to Use for a Hario V60?

The best Hario V60 grind size is medium to fine. But if your brew is too weak, consider using a finer grind. On the other hand, if the water drips through the coffee too slowly, consider making the grind coarser.

What Is the Recommended Roast Level for the Hario V60?

The recommended roast for Hario V60 brewing is a medium or light-roasted coffee. If you use dark roasts, you will have bitter-tasting notes because the extraction time with V60 is longer than 30 seconds. 

What Is the Optimum Brewing Time When Using a Hario V60?

The optimum brewing time when using Hario V60 is between 2:30 and 3:00. You can troubleshoot brew times under 2:30 using a finer grind size and pouring more slowly. Conversely, troubleshoot brew times over 3:00 using a coarser grind and pouring more quickly.

What Size Is Best for Hario V60?

The best Hario V60 size depends on your brewing needs. But, the most common and universal Hario V60 size is size 02. This dripper can brew up to 17 ounces or 503 milliliters of coffee. If you rarely brew over 10 ounces (296 milliliters)l at a time, it is best to go for size 01.

Do You Need a Scale for V60?

Since you will be brewing the coffee manually, you’ll need a scale and a timer. Luckily the Hario V60 Drip Scale comes with both at a reasonable price.

Making pour-over coffee with a hario V60 dripper

The Final Say

Enough said! If you have read this guide blow by blow, you have gathered enough knowledge to select the right Hario V60 size for your brewing needs. The available sizes from 01 to 03 allow you to make as much or as little coffee as you like.

Furthermore, it would help to consider the dripper and filter material as this affects your coffee’s taste. Regardless of the V60 type and size you choose, you can rest assured you’ll get high-quality coffee. And hey, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and materials to settle on your perfect brew. Happy brewing!