Clarity on How to Empty a Keurig Coffee Machine

Emptying a Keurig Coffee Maker

After acquiring a Keurig coffee maker, you need to learn several things about it, including emptying. In this article, you will learn more about how to empty a Keurig coffee maker. You must keep in mind that increasing the life and efficiency of your Keurig coffee maker mostly depends on how you clean and empty it after usage.

Let us dive deeper:

How to Empty the Device

There are several methods you may use to purge Keurig coffee makers. The process of emptying this coffee maker may be simple, depending on your selected method. One of the simplest ways of draining water from a Keurig coffee maker is using water inside.

Power on the machine and allow the water to brew the same way you usually brew coffee. Later you will enable the water to flow out naturally. Another common method of how to empty a Keurig coffee maker is by disassembling the machine.

Disassembling the coffee machine is quite complex, unlike the other method. Below are the main steps to follow when emptying the Keurig device using either of the two main ways:

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Draining the Keurig Coffee Machine Without Disassembly

In this method, you don’t need to use tools. The process takes quite a short time. This method of how to purge Keurig coffee machines can be the best. The process of how to drain Keurig without disassembly is quite the same as brewing coffee.

Below are the main steps to keep in mind:

  1. Start brewing water in the Keurig machine
  2. Adjust the float in the external reservoir
  3. Keep an eye on the “prime” display.

Start Brewing Water in the Keurig Machine

Just like you brew your coffee on normal occasions, this draining process begins the same way. You will allow the brewing process to start by pressing the brewing button. This process is the next main step to drain Keurig without disassembly. During this time, you need to make sure you place a cup under the spout.

When learning how to drain Keurig coffee makers without disassembly, know that you don’t need a coffee pod during this step. The pod is unnecessary since you are draining the machine. You may also make a quick cup of coffee with the draining water. The water remnants may still make good coffee if you desire one.

Adjust the Float in the External Reservoir

Once the coffee machine completes the brewing process, you must look for the prime signal. This display comes on the screen on most occasions. Once the Keurig machine is empty, this “prime” signal always comes in automatically.

After the signal comes on, you need to adjust the float. Always remember to empty the water tank. Once you look inside the reservoir, you will see a metal disk. The metal disk is usually near the bottom and on one side. The metal disk always helps you when it comes to finding out about the level of water remaining in the reservoir.

Keep an Eye on the “Prime” Display

The machine shows that the brewing process is complete once it gives the “prime” display signal. Before the brewing process becomes complete, the device may give a signal. When learning how to drain Keurig machines without disassembly, it may signal you to add more water. If you get the signal to add more water, you must go through the process again.

You must adjust the float once again if you are repeating the process. Once the draining process ends, you should get the final “prime” signal on the LCD screen. After the prime signal, the internal should now be empty.

Draining a Keurig Coffee Machine by Disassembly

There are two options for draining the Keurig coffee machine by disassembly method. To purge Keurig coffee machines using the first option of the disassembly method, you should follow these steps:

  1. Lift the pod compartment handle together with the screws holding the top
  2. Remove the machine’s top section
  3. Detach the silicone tubes holding the internal water tank
  4. Invert the device and pour out the water
  5. Assemble the Keurig machine back together

Lift the Pod Compartment Handle Together With the Screws Holding the Top

When emptying the Keurig coffee machine using the disassembly method, remember that water tank access is not via the bottom. You must know how to empty Keurig internal tank systems at this stage. You need to remove the piece on the top section to access the water tank. When removing the top section, there are two screws that you need to find.

After spotting the two screws, you need to use a screwdriver to open them up. A screwdriver with a flat head is the perfect option in this case. Once you open the screws, you can now remove the top part. This top section has the official ‘Keurig’ mark just to make you more sure.

Remove the Machine’s Top Section

When learning how to drain Keurig machines by disassembly, beware that it is usually a little loose at this time. You should now pull the top side slowly using a forward and upward motion. The inner tubing part of the Keurig machine usually exposes itself after you get the top part out.

Detach the Silicone Tubes Holding the Internal Water Tank

Check carefully for the tubes connecting the water tanks inside the Keurig machine. Usually, one of the primary tubes has an L-shape. The L-shaped tube is always facing sideways inside the Keurig machine. When spotting the other tubes, you may use this L-shaped tube as a reference point.

All the other tubes always come from the top section of the Keurig machine. To remove the rest of the tubes perfectly, you need to unzip all the ties. There are two main methods of unzipping the ties that hold the tubes together. A needle nose plier can get the zippers out in the most simple manner.

You may also choose to cut the zippers and detach the tubes. However, cutting the zippers means you will not use them again once you finish the draining process. Remember to bring in new zippers if you consider cutting them when detaching the tubes.

Invert the Machine and Pour Out the Water

You need to invert the brewer to ensure the water is properly flowing out using the L tube opening. Since the water cannot come out steadily, the draining process can be a little slower. This process of draining water requires sufficient air for the water to come out completely.

You should consider using a straw over the tube’s opening. The straw increases the flow of air, making the process faster. Always make sure that the straw you select is thin. A thin straw controls the pressure by bringing in more air. Once there is enough air, there will be more speed in the draining process.

Assemble the Keurig Machine Back

Once you finish the draining process, you must bring the Keurig machine back together. The first step of putting the machine back is attaching the silicone tubes. Before getting back the silicone tubes, you must ensure no water is still inside the tank. Make sure you drain the tubes completely. This step is important when learning how to drain Keurig machines by disassembly.

If you did not cut the zip ties during the detaching process, you might have an easy time assembling the machine back. You can simply wiggle the zip ties and attach the tubes back together. If you previously cut the zip ties, you need to get new ones and attach them back to the tubes.

After fitting the tubes and the zip ties in place, you should reattach the top of the Keurig machine. You must return the screws you had previously removed during the disassembly process. All the screws need to be in place for the proper functioning of the Keurig coffee machine.

The second option of draining a Keurig coffee machine using the disassembly method also involves some steps. You also need some tools for the draining process to be successful. Below are the main pieces of equipment to have with you:

  1. Flat-head screwdriver
  2. Philips head screwdriver
  3. Needle nose pliers
  4. Plastic syringe/straw

Below are the main stages that you should go through wh emptying a Keurig coffee machine using the second disassembly option:

  1. Understand the instructions in the manual
  2. Remove the side panel or the bottom one
  3. Remove the horse
  4. Get the water out
  5. Connect back the horse and attach back the panel

Understand the Instructions in the Manual

Before beginning the whole process, you need to read the instructions about the Keurig coffee machine carefully. Reading the manual makes it easy for you to find the hose. The manual directly indicates the location of the hose. The manual also indicates if you need to remove the side or lower panel to get the hose.

Remove the Side Panel or the Bottom One

Before removing the bottom or the side panel, you must plug the Keurig from the wall. Cutting off the power makes the cooling process faster. In most cases, the Keurig may need around 30 minutes to be completely cool.

The water tank also contains water that needs to cool off. The 30 minutes waiting period completely cools the water in the tank too. Remember that the water must be cold to prevent any accidents towards you.

Use a screwdriver to get the screws out of the panel. Remember to use a flat screwdriver in the removal process since it is more efficient. Once the screws are loose, you need to carefully pull them out to avoid any damage on the surface.

Remove the Hose

Plastic makes the hose inside the Keurig coffee machine. Just to be sure, this plastic hose is also white. During the normal functioning of the Keurig coffee machine, the hose is always a good fit. You need to remove the fitting by cutting the cable with a knife. Before beginning the cutting process, it is beneficial to bring in some new ties for later.

Drain Out the Water

You need to place a cup at the end of the hose and begin the water-draining process. In most cases, this draining process takes quite a long period. Sometimes the time for the draining to be complete may take longer or shorter than other times. You need to be patient and wait until the draining process ends.

Connect Back the Horse and Attach Back the Panel

Immediately the draining process comes to a halt; assemble back the Keurig machine. You need to start by attaching the hose back to its standard fitting. Make sure you use a tie in case you need to connect the hose more securely. You may check the manual for a straightforward guide to simplify the assembling process.

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How to Store a Keurig

Knowing how to store a Keurig coffee maker properly is essential. Proper storage of this coffee machine means that you may have it working properly for quite some time. There are two main places where you may store your Keurig coffee maker. These places include:

  1. Countertops
  2. Cabinets


Clean countertops are one of the most common places to keep your Keurig coffee maker. You must always avoid surfaces with dust around the Keurig. You should also keep other things, such as water, away from the machine. A tap or water dispenser should not be close to the coffee maker. Water on the exterior may accidentally cause faults in the machine.


Cabinets are also good places for keeping the Keurig coffee machine. The important thing to note on how to store Keurig machines on cabinets is cleanliness. Just like on the countertops, clean the shelf before storage. This coffee machine is sensitive to dust. Once some dust gets inside, this coffee machine may begin to work abnormally.

Cleaning a Keurig Coffee Maker Before Storage

The cleanliness of your Keurig coffee maker is essential in ensuring that the machine remains in good shape. Proper cleaning of the Keurig machine also allows the device to function correctly once the next time for brewing comes. Several cleaning items can sparkle up your Keurig before storage.

You need several supplies and tools to clean this coffee maker correctly. Below are the main supplies and tools to use:

  1. Keurig descaler
  2. Keurig cleaning pods
  3. Water filter cartridge

Keurig Descaler

Using a Keurig descaler means taking a long time in the cleaning process. However, using this equipment in the cleaning process guarantees good results. The Keurig descaler has a special citric acid formula that aids in cleaning the machine safely.

Keurig Cleaning Pods

These Keurig pods are relatively the same as coffee pods. One major difference between the cleaning pods and the coffee pods is they won’t dispense coffee. These cleaning pods descale the Keurig machine and remove all the build-up of residue from the pod holder.

Water Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge plays the role of removing chlorine from the water tank. This filter cartridge aids in completing the final cleaning process. The filter cartridge ensures that the coffee brewing from the machine after cleaning tastes great.

Cleaning the Keurig Coffee Maker with Cleaning Solution

There is a special Keurig descaling solution that Keurig created and approved. To use this solution correctly, you must switch off the coffee machine and fill the reservoir. When filling the reservoir, you must ensure that one section has water while the other has the solution. 

Brew a single cup of hot water and continue with the same process. Repeat the brewing process until the reservoir is empty. Add fresh water again. Remember to purge Keurig machines correctly later.

Cleaning a Keurig With Water and Vinegar

When using vinegar and water to sparkle up your Keurig, you must fill the reservoir with vinegar halfway. The vinegar you use needs to be white and have proper distillation levels. This combination properly removes all the scale build-up inside the Keurig coffee maker. Start the brewing cycle until you empty the reservoir.

To get the vinegar taste out once you finish cleaning, flush the whole system several times. Use the same cleaning procedure when flushing to ensure the machine remains clean. You may taste the final water to see if you still need to rinse the machine.

Cleaning the Keurig Coffee Maker With Citric Acid

Vinegar has already proven to work wonders when cleaning the Keurig coffee maker. However, citric acid also works wonders when bringing the Keurig back to shape. Besides cleaning, citric acid also serves as a sanitizer for the Keurig coffee maker. The ability of citric acid to clean and sanitize the machine is a plus to many.

You can use about four cups of water with two tablespoons of citric acid to make that perfect Keurig cleaning agent. Pour this mixture directly into the reservoir to begin the cleaning process. Allow the cleaning process for some time to get the best results.

Trouble Shooting Keurig Coffee Maker Problems

Draining and cleaning your Keurig machine are important steps in assuring it functions appropriately. However, you may still experience some problems with your Keurig coffee maker, even after draining. When there is a problem with your Keurig coffee maker, you may not get the best coffee.

Several issues may affect the Keurig coffee maker. The good thing is that all these problems have solutions. Below are the main Keurig coffee maker problems and their solutions:

  1. Clogging
  2. Resetting errors
  3. On and off error
  4. Leakage
  5. Bad coffee taste
  6. Weird noises

Clogging is one of the most common issues that may affect the Keurig coffee maker. Debris may remain inside the Keurig coffee maker and lead to clogging. You shouldn’t panic; unclogging your Keurig is not that difficult. All you need to do is clean the machine again but carefully this time.

Keurig Resetting Error

Encountering some errors while resetting your Keurig machine is a relatively common problem. If you come across such a problem, the leading causes may include the following:

  1. Improper assembly of the Keurig parts
  2. Damages on some of the parts in the Keurig
  3. Malfunctioning of the internal Keurig computer system.

To correctly reset your Keurig coffee maker:

  1. Press the power button to switch off the brewing system.
  2. Plug out the cable for several minutes
  3. Before plugging the Keurig machine back inside, remove the water reservoir and wait for some minutes.
  4. Connect the Keurig coffee maker back and power it back on.
  5. Connect the water reservoir back to the machine.
  6. Open and then close the K-cup holder.
On and Off Error

Sometimes, you may notice your Keurig turning on or off on its own. This issue may confuse users a lot since, in most cases, the automation system may be on. The automation system is quite hidden and may be difficult for some Keurig users to spot. If you experience this problem, you may have accidentally switched on the automatic brewing system.

You will most likely experience this problem using the latest Keurig coffee maker models. Most early Keurig models do not have the automatic brewing feature. You should just find the automatic switch for the new Keurig models and turn it off.


You would not want that countertop leaking water to ruin your coffee. Leakage from the Keurig coffee maker may be quite a nuisance. A broken water tank is the most common cause of leakage from the Keurig. The only sure way to fix this problem is to get a new water tank and make a replacement.

Sometimes, water may leak from the Keurig but not directly from the water tank. If water leaking from your Keurig is not from the tank, it may result from other components. You need to check all the parts carefully and make the necessary replacements.

Bad Coffee Taste

The final taste of your coffee matters a lot when it comes to your coffee maker. The most common issue may be inconsistency with your k-cups. Clogging of the Keurig may also be a common cause of bad coffee taste. The debris clogging up the machine may be responsible for bringing out the bad taste. You must purge Keurig machines to solve this problem.

Weird Noises From the Machine

The Keurig coffee maker may be noisy but with a certain sound. If you begin noticing some sounds that are not quite familiar, you should make some checks. On most occasions, you need to clean the machine to kick out such noises.

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Why Should a Keurig Be Purged?

Calcium deposits and scales build up inside when using a Keurig coffee maker. These build-ups are usually harmful and can cause malfunctions in the Keurig coffee maker. You need to purge Keurig coffee makers to avoid the build-ups from accumulating.

How Often Should Water Be Drained From a Keurig?

You need to purge Keurig coffee makers after at least three months. For the machine’s proper functioning, you must ensure that six months never go without draining. The time intervals between the Keurig draining process depend on how often you use it.

Final Thoughts

When thinking of how to completely empty a Keurig, know that it may be simple or difficult, depending on your skills. With the guide above, you can conduct the emptying process of your Keurig with utmost ease. The different draining methods go with the purpose that the machine will take later. Read our article and find out How To Clean A Chemex.