Carpe Diem and Seize the Day With These Positive Coffee Puns

If you’re here to find the best positive coffee puns to personalize a gift or to put them on your fridge to ensure some funny mornings for your family, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve chosen some of the funniest puns and coffee jokes! So brew a coffee, make yourself comfortable and enjoy a few minutes of true laughing while reading this article!

Coffee with note

The Beauty of Positive Coffee Puns

Positive coffee puns can undoubtedly make your day better! Many of us cannot even imagine starting our mornings without coffee! Apart from giving us energy and having many health benefits, this beverage has a pleasant bitter (sometimes sour) taste.

That’s why all coffee lovers united and created so many coffee puns that today we print on postcards, T-shirts, bags, or just printed and put on the fridge for a guaranteed laugh every morning!

Delightfully Positive Coffee Puns

If you’re here to brighten your day, embrace some positive energy to share with others, or forget about the thoughts that have been bothering you since yesterday, you’re in the right place! Or maybe you’re just looking for some coffee quotes to send to your friends’ group chat?

Whatever your reason, we’re here to make things easier for you! We’ve gathered the funniest and most positive coffee puns! Even more, we’ve grouped them depending on what they’re about. Are they about love? Are they about music? Are they about family? Are they about books?

If you can’t find your favorite in the lists below, maybe they’ll at least inspire you to create your own coffee puns. We promise you, playing with words is a very fun game! You can even resort to it during dinner with your family or friends!

Coffee Drinking Puns

Although we’ve gathered many espresso jokes, let’s start with the funniest and most obvious ones – coffee puns about drinking coffee destined for all coffee lovers! It doesn’t even matter what type of coffee you’re fond of; we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun reading these jokes:

  1. What would you call it when you feel like you’ve already been in a coffee shop before? Déja-brew!
  2. Why did the coffees call the police? ‘Cause someone mugged them!
  3. Why were those coffee-shop workers fired? ‘Cause they kept wearing a Tea-shirt!
  4. Why does coffee taste like mud? Well, that’s only natural since it was ground just a few minutes ago!
  5. What exercises do coffee lovers prefer doing at the gym? The French press.
  6. What does a coffee say when it’s late for the assignment? Better latte than never!
  7. If coffee were a student at Hogwarts, what spell would be its favorite? Espresso Patronum!
  8. What do you say to a sad coffee cup? Don’t worry, be frappe!
  9. Ever wondered why espressos never talk to herbal teas? It’s ‘cause they weren’t their cup of tea.

And here’s our favorite: “Why don’t kangaroos drink coffee? Because it makes them too jumpy!”

Coffee Love Puns

These positive coffee quotes about love are the cutest! The ones we’ve gathered for this list are certainly worth printing on a postcard, tote bag, or coffee mug! If you’re planning a fun, pleasant surprise for your significant other, friends, or family, you should definitely consider these! They could also work perfectly as coffee birthday puns!

  1. You’re steaming hot!
  2. I’ve bean looking for you my whole life!
  3. I’m thinking of you a Latte!
  4. Did you know you’re brew-ti-ful?
  5. I cannot espresso how much I love you!
  6. I love you a latte.
  7. We’re meant to bean together, aren’t we?!
  8. You mocha me go crazy!
  9. You keep me grounded!
  10. We’re the perfect mocha!
  11. We’re an extraordinary blend!
  12. You mean a latte to me!
  13. Relationship status: it’s caffeinated!
  14. You’re mug-nificent!
  15. Your outfit is fa-brew-lous today!

Coffee Puns About Feelings

Our lives are full of feelings and emotions – be they negative or positive. That’s why we’ve gathered some about both!

As strange as it may sound, these coffee puns about sadness can help people forget they’re sad! Outlining the positive things undoubtedly helps us feel better.

Or, on the contrary, if you feel a burst of emotions and can’t espresso them as they are, resort to funny coffee puns! Who knows, maybe they’ll help you wrap up your mind about something! As such, we’ve selected some cute, hilarious coffee puns for people trying to express their feelings in a cute, funny, unique way.

Bear these in mind and tell the barista at your coffee shop to write one on your coffee cup so you can have the coolest latte mug ever!

  1. Can you mug me? I’m so sad!
  2. When you’re gone, depresso hits me…
  3. Pretend that you’re a frappe, and things will get better!
  4. I’m a depresso – meaning a sad cup of coffee!
  5. Mugs and kisses!
  6. You’re mug-nificent!
  7. I’m frappe you decided to bean my friend!
  8. What’s up, brew?!

Do you want to buy someone a coffee? Write this on the cup: “This coffee is espresso-ly for you!”

Do you plan on buying your friend a coffee to apologize for being late for the meeting? Ask the coffee shop worker to write this on the cup: “Sorry I’m latte. But better latte than sorry!”

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Coffee Puns About Literature

Many literature lovers are automatically either coffee or tea lovers ‘cause what else would you be drinking on a chilly autumn evening while reading your favorite book?! That’s why we have made some funny jokes about coffee with an extravagant literary touch!

If you’ve got a friend who loves to read and, at the same time, enjoys a good cup of coffee, use one of these clever coffee puns to personalize a bookmark! We promise they’ll love it!

  1. Are you looking for a dystopian novel? Check out Aldous Huxley’s Brave Brew World!
  2. Only for Hemingway fans – For Whom the Bean Tolls is now available in hardcover!
  3. I know your favorite series is The Lord of the Beans! I’m such a fa-brew-lous friend!
  4. Are you trying to read more Russian classics? Check The Brothers Caramel Mocha!
  5. David Coffeefield is by far the best work signed by Charles Dickens!
  6. Herman Melville’s Moby Drip is undoubtedly my favorite!
  7. You’ll never read a better Christmas story than Dickens’ A Christmas Ca-roast!
  8. Although thick, The Count of Macchiato is definitely worth reading!

Coffee Puns About Family

Are you trying to espresso your appreciation for your family? Print one of these positive coffee quotes on some postcards and leave them in your parents’ bedroom or on the fridge. They’ll certainly enjoy them!

  1. We’ll ground you if you touch our coffee!
  2. Talk to me only after I’ve had my espresso.
  3. I’m creamy thankful for you always beaning there for me.
  4. We always compliment each other in our house. Dad always tells me I’m brewtiful!

Coffee Puns About TV Shows and Movies

Now, this is a funny list for film enthusiasts! These are only some of the coffee puns about TV shows and movies we’ve come up with. If you have another favorite movie, we’re sure you’re creative enough to create your own “coffee play on words” expression!

  1. Have you already watched Cuptain America: Civil War?
  2. I’ve really enjoyed Pretty Little Lattes!
  3. The White Lattes is a good comedy drama!
  4. Have you ever heard about Brewing Bad?
  5. Let’s Watch One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest again!
  6. I’m sure you’ll like The Silence of the Beans!
  7. Are you kidding?! The X-Filters is my absolute favorite!
  8. Have you watched Friday Night Lattes?

Coffee Puns About Music

While some people enjoy their coffee alongside reading a book, others prefer to listen to their favorite songs while delighting in their morning coffee. As such, we’ve come up with some of the most creative and unique coffee puns about music! Some are about band names, while others include some lyrics, too!

  1. Check out the latest album of Red Hot Coffee Beans!
  2. You should definitely try listening to some Brewhoven!
  3. Have you ever listened to something by The Rolling Beans?
  4. Don’t worry, be frappe!
  5. Don’t forget to play the Latte Be song at your coffee shop!
  6. Smells Like Bean Spirit is my favorite!
  7. I Can’t Get No Coffeesfaction is on repeat on my playlist!
  8. Abba’s Dancing Bean is the best!

Coffee Shop Name Puns

Every coffee lover’s dream is to delight in a cappuccino in their own coffee shop! If there are also books and cakes – the better! So if you’re planning to open your own coffee haven and trying to come up with a unique name for your “safe place,” we’ve got you covered!

Check out our ideas and choose one! However, if you don’t like them, they may inspire you and boost your creativity!

  1. Deja Brew (that’s our favorite!)
  2. Family Bean
  3. Coffee Beany
  4. Latte Love
  5. El Cappuccino
  6. The Dark Roast
  7. The Land of Espressos

Coffee Jokes

We’ve found the funniest jokes about coffee if you want to laugh some more! Get ready for a good laughing session, as we could not share them with you!

  1. I’m telling you, I take my coffee very, very seriously!
  2. I don’t know what baby beans keep doing, but they’re always getting grounded!
  3. A coffee’s favorite karaoke song is Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
  4. Don’t you believe me? This book about the origin of cappuccino is all foam and has no substance!
  5. A storm was brewing, so we closed the coffee shop earlier today!
  6. What do divorce and espresso have in common? They’re both expensive and bitter.
  7. A cow who’s just given birth is often called de-calf-inated!
  8. Coffee lovers name their cats Espresso and Cappuccino.
  9. Do you know the difference between coffee and your opinion? I asked for the former.
Coffee please note

Final Verdict

Did we manage to bring some positivity into your life? We certainly hope so, especially since we’ve decided to talk about one of the world’s most popular beverages ever – the famous coffee! If you find a coffee pun for every day, you may not even need your daily coffee, as you’ll get so much energy from the positivity these jokes bring you!

Print them on postcards, bags, or T-shirts, add them to the alarm clock on your phone, write them on sticky notes, frame them, and paint the words on your wall – there’s no limit! If you want to make your coffee lover friends laugh, choose a coffee pun a day and send them to your group chat. If you want to brighten your co-workers’ day, give them sticky notes with funny “coffee play on words” expressions.

Moreover, what’s a better way to start a conversation over a cappuccino mug than with a pun about this sweet-bitter beverage?

In short, all you’ve got to do is spread laughter! And, if you’ve got some free time, get creative and write your own coffee jokes!