The BEAUTY of A Peets Coffee Subscription

Peet’s Coffee – The Brand 

Do you have a Peets coffee subscription? Nothing is more exciting for you as a coffee enthusiast than opening your door to a delivery of freshly roasted beans, especially if you know which Peet’s coffee is the best.

That’s what you get when you subscribe to Peet’s coffee. Keep reading for all the information you need to decide if this subscription box is perfect for you.

Pack with coffee powder and beans

How Does the Peet’s Coffee Subscription Work?

Peet’s Coffee is a San Francisco-based specialty coffee roaster, but you can find their products on the shelves of your neighborhood supermarket or maybe even at one of their coffee shops. Peet’s also provides coffee subscriptions and locally available coffee cups and grounds.

Peet’s Coffee has been working hard to establish itself as one of the largest businesses in the world. Peet’s Coffee has been growing its menu over the past 50 years while upholding the founder’s commitment to excellence.

As a result, you can anticipate receiving exceptional beans in your coffee subscription box in various roasts and flavor profiles. To find out what more is available, continue reading. Peet’s has multiple subscription plans designed to bring your coffee whenever needed. 

In comparison to standard, one-time orders, subscriptions offer the best value and give you access to exclusive bonuses. Most of Peet’s offers are from their consistent supply of beans, which helps explain why their subscription costs are fair. The one that costs the least is around $16 a month.

One benefit of the greatest coffee subscriptions is that it gives you access to specialty coffees that you might not otherwise have access to for just a few dollars more. They offer free shipping within the U.S if you buy 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) or more.

A Peet’s coffee subscription delivers excellent coffee right to your door. It allows you to explore beans you might not normally think of, which is a terrific way to discover new favorites. To ensure that you can enjoy a cup of coffee at its freshest, as Alfred Peet originally intended, you should dispatch all coffee within 24 hours of roasting.

How Do I Create a Subscription?

Starting a Peet subscription is simple! Whether you want to get matched with an intriguing new brew, embark on a monthly coffee adventure, or already know what you adore, we have several subscription choices tailored to your specific requirements.

A Standard (Frequent Brewer) Subscription to Begin

  • Visit to browse your preferred coffee, tea, K-Cup Pod, or espresso capsule goods.
  • On the product page, pick the coffee grind and the desired amount.
  • Subscribe PDP New Sub Grind Quantity.png.
  • Choose the ‘Subscribe’ radio button and the frequency you want to listen to (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 weeks).
  • Subscribe PDP New Sub Subscribe.png.

Your new subscription will be ready and viewable once completed under the “Subscriptions” section of your Peet’s Account. You can modify grind, item quantity, ship dates, and other factors.

To Start a New Curated Subscription

You can discover the best of Peet’s every month with a carefully designed subscription. There are four different selected subscription choices available right now.

  1. Choose the curated subscription that you wish to subscribe to first:
  • Small batch series: Each month, sample a unique, unusual, limited-edition micro-lot from smallholder farms in the top coffee-growing Peet’s locations worldwide.
  • Single origin series: Get to know the distinctive flavors and aromatics unique to each region as you explore the distinct, subtle flavors of the world’s top coffee regions month by month.
  • Series of signature blends: Experience our classics: taste the unparalleled complexity and nuance that goes into each of our coffee blends.
  • Seasonal essentials series: Experience our most anticipated, limited-release coffees of each season without having to mark your calendar.)
  1. Choose the Grind and Quantity from the subscription’s product page. Please note that quantities 2 and 3 pounds (0.9 and 1.4 kilograms) are eligible for volume discounts.
  2. Select “add subscription to cart.”
  3. Enjoy your new subscription (and all the advantages of being a subscriber!) by checking out as usual.
  4. Subscribe to PDP Curated Sub.png.

Once you set up everything, you can log into your Peet Account to view your new subscription and make changes to grind, item quantity, and other settings. You cannot change the frequency of curated subscription shipments, which all ship monthly. You will, however, always have the option to skip a month whenever you like.

Have an Active Subscription Already?

Carry out the identical procedures as when beginning a brand-new Frequent Brewer subscription, with a few minor variations.

  • Visit to browse your preferred coffee, tea, K-Cup Pod, or espresso capsule goods.
  • On the product page, pick the coffee grind and the desired amount.
  • To add this to your next order, set the date to [DATE].
  • You can start a new subscription for the item or add it as a one-time add-on to your upcoming subscription shipment in the popup.
  • Subscribe to PDP Popup.png.
  • Choose the frequency you like from the drop-down menu.
  • To ensure that your subscription s creation is complete, click “Add to Order”! To view your new subscription, modify ship dates, item quantities, and more, click “View Upcoming Order” or log into your Peet Account.
  • Subscribe PDP Add Confirm.png

They frequently offer introductory deals to encourage new customers to try out their subscriptions and save money on their first subscription shipment. You can also read Peet’s Single-origin view online to learn someone else’s views.

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The Different Peet’s Coffee Subscription Packages

Peets provides two main subscription categories:

Standard (Frequent Brewer) Subscriptions 

Always have your favorites with standard (frequent brewer) subscriptions! Delivery of what you want, when you want it, is through a recurring brewer subscription. 

You can create a subscription to receive your preferred roasted-to-order coffee, Mighty Leaf tea, K-Cup Pods, and espresso capsules at the frequency and quantity of your choice. To begin, click the “Subscribe” button on the item’s product page.

Curated Subscriptions

Discover the coffee world with a handpicked monthly subscription. They offer four carefully picked subscription options, each with a special twist that lets you experience the finest Peets and taste a novel coffee every month.

Small Batch Series

When their coffee team discovers exceptional coffees, you can get these hand-roasted coffees in small batches through their small batch series. Their single-origin coffees are the purest representations of a coffee’s terroir. 

Single Origin Series

The single-origin coffees are the purest representations of a coffee’s terroir. Explore the unique, complex flavors of the world’s top coffee areas monthly, getting to know the tastes and aromatics specific to each location. 

Signature Blends Series

Alfred Peet is popular for his blends, which allowed him to accomplish remarkably. His secret? Combining coffees that are each so excellent that they could stand independently. You must go further than their signature blends series for unmatched intricacy and nuance. 

Seasonal Essentials Series

These coffees receive letters of recommendation and positive evaluations. Try their seasonal, most anticipated limited releases without needing to set a reminder. Enjoy seasonal blends, anniversary blends, Ethiopian Supernatural, and more! 

How Long will My Subscription Last?

All Peet’s subscriptions have an open end and will continue to ship at the frequency and interval you choose until you cancel. You can always change your mind and decide to cancel, reschedule, or omit a shipment. Log into your Peet account and go to the ‘subscriptions’ section of your account dashboard to manage your subscription.

The Benefits of a Peet’s Subscription

The advantages of a Peet’s subscription are as follows:

  • Every subscription shipment includes free domestic ground shipping.
  • Expedited and international shipping costs for each subscription shipment have a discount of around $5.
  • It offers volume reductions.
  • It offers 10% off orders for subscriptions, around $10 off subscription orders of approximately $50 or more, or about $30 to $49.99.
  • More benefits, deals, and promotions are only available to subscribers.
  • Personalized as per your preference: choose the quantity, frequency, and grind that is appropriate for you.
  • Zero risk: The freedom to change, alter, skip, reschedule, or terminate at any time.

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • There are various distinct subscriptions available from Peet’s Coffee, including the Signature blend series, single origin series, and small batch series.
  • Whatever option you select, beans are freshly roasted and delivered right to your door.
  • You can specify the ground style you prefer and pick the frequency of delivery. Do you like ground coffee? No issues. Which would you like: ground coffee or whole beans?
  • Since they have been roasting since 1966, Peet’s has had enough time to perfect their technique. Alfred Peet founded the first Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Berkeley, and since then, the business has been producing outstanding coffee.
  • Only coffee beans from the top 1% of producers are for Peet’s arabica beans, which they obtain ethically and responsibly.
  • Want to give Peet’s coffee a try before subscribing? No issue. In the online store, you can make a one-time purchase.
  • Online subscription cancellation is straightforward.

The Cons

  • Peet’s selection could be too dark for you if you prefer light roast beans. Peet’s specialty coffee is a dark roast.
  • Choose decaf? There will be a few subscription options available.
  • There isn’t a subscription option available for k-cup coffee right now. Ordering Peet’s renowned Major Dickason’s Blend K-cups from Amazon may be preferable.
  • For your espresso maker, are you looking for coffee beans? Although there currently needs to be a subscription that provides espresso beans, you might get them periodically. (However, I’ve discovered that Peet’s darker roasts generally work nicely in espresso.)
  • Peet’s roasts all the beans you will get. Another subscription would be more appropriate if you wish to try different roasters.
Coffee beans flying out from a coffee pack

We’ve Got You Covered

Consider a Peet subscription box if you want to receive a monthly delivery of one pound or more of specialty coffee that they pick carefully to suit your tastes. You won’t regret it. If you have an interest in learning more about your coffee, Peet’s website has a wealth of information on each of their coffees.