Mr. Coffee Maker Not Working? Try This!

The Mr. Coffee Maker Device Range   

Mr. Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee manufacturing machines that offer a wide range of Mr. coffee makers, from traditional drip to single-serve coffee makers. A Mr. Coffee Maker is a valuable tool in the coffee industry, and you should keep and maintain it properly for a long-lasting, and if you find your Mr. Coffee Maker not working, it may result from a poor power outage. 

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Our Mr. Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guide

If you are experiencing issues, the first things to check are 

Is the Coffee Pot Clean?

If your Mr. Coffee Maker is not working, you should check if it is dirty or if there is a build-up coffee ground that can cause problems on the pot, and you should clean it.

How to Clean a Dirty Mr. Coffee Maker

If your coffee maker is not working as it should be, the first thing to do is to clean it. You should follow all the cleaning procedures, or the coffee maker will still need to work.

  • It is important to have a cleaning procedure for your Coffee Maker: always clean the removable parts after every use. Take the carafe and the coffee filter and clean them with a bar of free-scent dishwashing soap, a clean dishcloth, and a sponge. Make sure to empty the filter basket and rinse before making another cup of coffee.
  • It is important to clean Mr. Coffee Maker once or twice a month, depending on how frequently you use it. Cleaning prevents stains, mineral build-ups, grime, oily sludge, and germs that cause bacterial or viral infections from growing in Mr. Coffee Maker’s pot.
  • If your coffee has a bitter taste, it may be a warning that Mr. Coffee Maker needs some cleaning. Coffee makers may be more hygienic than you may think.
  • It is essential to check the coffee maker lids and wipe if there is any dirt and pay a  lot of attention to the spray head, which needs regular cleaning to clear the blockage.

Cleaning the Mr. Coffee Maker guarantees you can enjoy your delicious coffee non-contaminated and keep the maker running full steam.

How to Clean Mr. Coffee Maker Using White Vinegar

White vinegar helps to sanitize and dissolve calcium deposits that accumulate in Mr. Coffee Maker over time. The procedure of how to use white vinegar to clean Mr. Coffee Maker

  • Empty the coffee carafe and wash the filter; add water and white vinegar to the coffee maker in a ratio of 2:1
  • You may find some coffee makers with a clean function for an effective clean cycle, and if your coffee has this feature, you should press on it.
  • Brew water and vinegar the same way as the regular coffee pot.
  • Allow the vinegar solution to settle for about 30 minutes, depending on the build-up on the carafe.
  • Turn the coffee maker after soaking and finish the brewing process. once you finish, put the vinegar solution in and flush its taste and smell from the coffee maker. Fill the carafe with fresh water, turn on the Mr. Coffee Maker and run a complete brewing process.
  • Remove the filters and pour the water; repeat the same process with clean water, and the coffee maker is free of any vinegar or smell.
  • Wipe the coffee maker and the pot with a clean cloth to prepare for your next brew. 

Cleaning Mr. Coffee Maker With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a strong taste and may linger more than white vinegar. Brew it with lemon juice and water. After finishing, rinse Mr. Coffee Maker and brew it for two more rounds using plain water to eliminate the taste and scent.

Cleaning Mr. Coffee Maker Using Baking Soda

You can use a compound of baking soda ash and warm water to a ratio of 1:4, and it is vital to remove the filter when using this procedure.

Fill the coffee maker with the mixture; Put enough to avoid clogging or clumping up the coffee maker, and finish by brewing with clean water twice.

Is the Coffee Pot Clogging?

Clogging can cause Mr. Coffee Maker to be weak, with no watery espresso. If your coffee maker has a removable portafilter, it will probably cause coffee ground build-ups. Dried milk and coffee grounds are the most sources of clogs in a coffee maker.

How to Get Rid of Clogging

  • To eliminate clogging in the brew section or coffee spout, dismantle the coffee maker manually and clean the detachable parts.
  • Before cleaning, use a small needle to remove hard water deposits, coffee oils, or caked coffee grounds from the coffee spout.
  • Check whether the water reservoir hoses are not clogging; if they are clogging, you can use these steps to access the water hoses.
  • Turn the coffee maker upside down and detach the bottom part using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the clamps retaining the water hoses and check if they are clogged. Remove any visible hard water deposits; proper descaling is essential to unclog water hoses.
  • Put vinegar directly into the pipes when they are upside down and allow them to sit for a while, remove the water deposit in the hoses. It would help if you did utilize it to brew coffee for a few days.
  • Rinse with clean water and put it together as before.

Suppose the taste of the coffee doesn’t improve or the coffee maker has heavy mineral build-ups. Repeat the process using descaling that the manufacturer approves. For better coffee-tasting brews, descale every three to six months.

After finishing the procedure, you will have a sparkling clean coffee maker ready for use, and notice the coffee will be finer, cleaner, and tastier.

12-cup programmable Mr. Coffee Maker with a dishwashable design assures you a clean-tasting and delicious coffee; it is easy to clean and reassemble.

Dishwashing cleans all parts effectively and eliminates the bitter coffee remnants. Some dishwashable parts, such as plugs, electrical bases, and power cords, should not be immersed in liquid or tossed in a dishwasher.

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Checking the Power Cord

A coffee maker may appear solid outside, but the inner wiring is probably damaged. If you tie the cords tightly, you will have issues in the future. You may also experience a fuse blown if the Mr. coffee maker stops working after a big blackout, and you should connect the susceptible appliance to different outlets.

If the  Mr. Coffee Maker doesn’t turn on, check the power flow; power flow can cause damage to the coffee maker circuit board, resulting in appliance failure. A power surge is a compone that you should identify and fix. If the circuit board is damaged or the coffee marker is not working, you will have to make a hard decision in the future.

You can repair the coffee maker yourself and, with the assistance of a technician, replace it or send it to your manufacturer, depending on the warrant.

Does a Mr. Coffee Maker Offer Warranty?

Mr. Coffee Maker grants a one-year effective warranty from the purchase date. According to their terms and conditions, they offer to replace or repair any component within the warranty period. But their warranty does not cover

  • Damages caused negligence or misuse of the product according to operating instructions.
  • Use of too-high or too-low voltage
  • Repair any part not from Mr. Coffee’s service center’s authorization.
  • The normal wear of parts.
  • Natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fires, and tornados
  • They replace with a remanufactured or new component or product; if the item is unavailable, they replace it with a substitute of equal value.
  • The warranty is not transferable, and you cannot use it for a single-serve iced coffee maker to cover the optimal brew coffee maker repairs.

You can claim your warranty via phone, email, or in person.

How Do I Reset My Mr. Coffee Maker?

If Mr. Coffee is not working properly, you may need to reset it. How do I reset Mr. Coffee Maker? The first step to reset a coffee maker is to unplug it. Then, press and hold the restore button. You can restore the unit to its original state by pressing the restore button and releasing it after ten seconds.

You should not worry if Mr. Coffee stops working, but if the problem continues, you may require a new machine board.

Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker produces small amounts of coffee, which does not require much. The coffee frappe maker also has aerators for making ice and blades for blending and crushing ingredients. If you find your Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker not working, empty the water reservoir and unplug it from the wall. 

To brew coffee, boil it in a jug for about one to two minutes. Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker allows you to change the setting of the coffee maker with one button.

How to Reset Mr. Coffee Maker After Cleaning

Press the reset button on the power panel after cleaning the coffee maker. The button is mainly on the back of Mr. Coffee.

The vinegar and the water are for cleaning, and you can run it through the machine as long as it’s just plain water. The use of bleach causes the smell to move to your cup. Mineral deposits in the water can cause coffee performance to suffer. You can use MR regularly to remove the residues. The entire cleaning cycle takes about 40 to 60 minutes.

After removing the cleaning solution from the decanter, use fresh water to clean it. Hard water contains limestones and calcium, which leave deposits in the coffee maker. If the decanter is contaminated, get rid of the solution and rinse it with clean water thoroughly. It is important to discard the paper during the cleaning cycle.

If you use a permanent filter, remove and rinse it with clean water before returning it to the filter basket. Cleaning lights will continue blinking even after cleaning them, and you should set the timer to delay brew. 

Turning the clean lights on tells you if the coffee maker needs repair or cleaning. If the room is not bright, different colors appear.

Yellow: Indicates brewed later.

Greens: Shows brewed now.

Red: Indicates brewed clean.

 A List of Mr. Coffee Maker Error Codes

The espresso machine or Mr. Coffee Maker has had a great brewing taste for years but has error codes that you may encounter. Mr. Coffee’s error codes have different meanings depending on the code indicated, and sometimes they can be frustrating, especially if you need to know what they mean. Common error codes are

‘Brew Now’ Lights Remain Off

This code appears when the appliance is unplugged, has a damaged power code, or has a power outage. Always check if the plugging of the cord is or if there is power. Replace the cable if it bursts.

The Coffee Maker is ON But Doesn’t Brew

Why is Mr. Coffee not brewing after turning the lights on? Mr. Coffee won’t brew if:

  • The water reservoir is empty: If the water reservoir is empty or has inadequate water, you are most likely to encounter this code. It would help if you filled the reservoir to the minimum point.
  • The misplacement of the carafe lid on the warming plate: If the cover is not placed perfectly on the lid, you will encounter this code; put the lid carefully to avoid all of this.
  • The machine is clogged: It is vital to keep the coffee maker free from build-ups or residues. A clogged coffee maker won’t brew; to avoid this, you can clean it with water and vinegar.

The ‘BREW NOW LED’ is Flashing Fast

If the led light is flashing faster with or without indicating error codes on display, it means there is insufficient water in the reservoir. You should add more water and brew again.

Check whether the power switch is on/off and working properly.

The Coffee Maker is Slow

A dirty Mr. Coffee may slow the brewing process. After continuing with hard water, the scale coats some parts of the coffee maker, and to restore its efficiency, clean it with water and white vinegar.

Cold Coffee

Why is Mr. Coffee not heating? If the brewing cycle is complete and notices the coffee is not hot, you should check

  • The auto shut-off function: The auto shut-off may be inactive or not in use, thus not warming the coffee. It is impossible to deactivate this function, but you can remove the pot and re-brew new coffee.
  • The power source: The machine may be off, the cord is not correctly plugged, or there is an electrical fault with the power source or the coffee maker.
  • The faulty warming plate: The warming plate could be faulty and needs replacement.

The Filter Basket Overflows

Mr. Coffee may overflow if: 

  • The placement of the filter is improper. You should ensure the protruding and notch parts sit squarely on their notches and hooks. For the lid to close properly, install the filter correctly.
  • There are too many coffee grounds in the brew basket. You should reduce the quantity of the grounds to prevent the water from the grounds from overflowing from the top of Mr. Coffee Maker.
  • If the spout is broken, clogged, or has some damage, it can cause overflowing from the top because it cannot flow through the spout.

Water at the Base of the Coffee Maker

The water reservoir may have a lot of water, thus causing a leaking. You should always check the minimum mark and stay within it.

If the O ring or tubing is loose, worn out, or has damages, due to heavy use or movements, it can cause leaking.

Bad Coffee Taste

If the water-to-ground ratio is unbalanced, the coffee may taste bad. The coffee may also taste good if you clean the coffee maker properly.

Mr. Coffee Buttons Not Working

If the buttons are not pressing, they may be damaged, and you need to replace them. Another common cause of buttons not pressing is stickiness which is preventable through cleaning.

Brew Delay Function

It is important to ensure you set the correct time before you program the delay function. Press the delay button and set it to your preferred brewing time. You can use the minute or hour button. 

The delay button lights up once you set the time, and the clock reverts automatically to the current time.

Mr. Coffee is Not Pumping

There are two reasons why Mr. Coffee won’t pump water.

  • If there is hard water on the grounds: It is essential to avoid hard water; filter or distilled water is the best to use.
  • The heating element: You should take the heating plate to a technician if it is not working
Coffee maker preparing coffee


To retain your coffee maker in top condition, you should:

  • Clean the coffee maker every three to six months, depending on how often you use it
  • Use vinegar once a year to clean your Mr. Coffee Maker for a good-tasting coffee. Cleaning a coffee maker with vinegar is economical and biodegradable.
  • Check Mr. Coffee’s error codes; if you can’t fix them, hire a technician or take it to a service center.

If your Mr. Coffee Maker is not pumping water, keep it away. You can prevent and fix it by descaling the unit.

Steam is among the most effective methods to clear clogs in an espresso machine. The cleaning method should be cautious about maintaining hygiene. 

There are two coffee maker varieties: those that recycle water and drip on the grounds. 

A broken coffee maker knob is a nightmare, and you should check your Mr. Coffee when it has stopped working.