Sick and Tired of Not Knowing: Can You Re-Use K-Cups?

Coffee drinkers that like using K-cups, usually have some questions about them. In particular, can you re-use K-cups, and how many times can you re-use a Keurig cup?

These are the most common questions about Keurig K-cups that we’re going to answer for you right now! Detailing if you can re-use a K-cup,  how to re-use K-cups, and how many times you can use a Keurig cup.

We also added ten great ideas that you can use for recycling your K-cups instead of just throwing them away.

Keurig Coffee Cups

If you’re new to drinking coffee, you probably have no idea what a K-cup is. A Keurig coffee cup is a pod that you use in a Keurig machine. It is a machine for making a variety of different beverages that includes coffee. People use Keurigs for convenience and to make the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Can You Re-Use K-Cups? 

The most often asked question about Keurig cups is, are K-cups single-use? Yes, K-cups are made for single-use and are to be replaced with a new cup each time.

This is a ploy by coffee companies that make K-cups to make you spend more on individual Keurig cups. There are actually methods for re-using K-cups multiple times that you can try.

How Many Times Can You Re-Use a K-Cup?

You can re-use a K-cup multiple times or for however long the filter in each pod lasts. You’ll have to go through the process of re-using them each time you want a cup of coffee.

How To Re-Use K-Cups? 

There are two different processes that you can implement for re-using K-cups—either re-covering your K-cup with aluminum or buying a reusable coffee filter.

The Aluminum Method

Take your used K-cup and tear open the covering and throw out the used coffee grounds. Clean the cup thoroughly and try not to tear the filter at the bottom. 

Next, take your choice of grounds and use a tablespoon to refill the K-cup. Be sure to even it out and not overfill it, or you’ll have a mess to clean up.

Once you fill the cup, you will take a sheet of aluminum and shape it around the K-cup. After getting the right shape, you’re going to cut the excess aluminum until it looks similar to the original cover.

From there, stick it in your Keurig machine like usual, just like you would an unopened K-cup.  

Reusable K-Cup Filters

If you’re dead set on re-using K-cups, reusable K-cup filters are available for purchase. One of the most used is the Keurig My K-cup Coffee Filter.

This method will require you to install it and make some slight alterations to your Keurig machine. It comes with four installation pieces. 

You will only need to use three of them if you have a Keurig Mini, but all four if you have a Keurig plus.

Start the process by taking out your Keurig’s original housing and assembling your reusable filter. It should take less than a minute to complete and install your reusable filter.

Once it’s assembled, take the top off the filter and put one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds in it. From there, put the filter in your Keurig and make a cup of coffee. 

How Many Cups of Coffee From One K-Cup?

Each Keurig K-cup makes just one cup of coffee. Coming in at around six ounces to fill a large coffee cup.

Of course, you can use the methods like the ones listed above to make a cup of coffee multiple times.

10 Amazing K-Cups Recycling Ideas

If you don’t want to just throw away your K-cups after each use, you can recycle them. Here are ten great ways for you to recycle your K-cups.

Re-Use Your K-Cups

As we just explained, one of the best ways to recycle K-cups is by re-using them. Follow the processes detailed above if you don’t want to throw your K-cups away after each use.

Turn Used Coffee Grounds Into Compost

Since K-cups aren’t biodegradable, you can put the cups on the ground. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the used coffee grounds as compost if you have a garden or plants.

Used coffee grounds make some of the best compost because they contain various minerals that help plants grow. You’ll have some healthy plants if you decide to use your old K-cup coffee grounds.

Turn Your K-Cups Into Seed Starters

If you are into planting, you can even use your old K-cups as seed starters. Fill your cups with soil and seeds along with a little water to get the growing process started.

Once the seed sprouts, you can take the plant out and restart the process again with a new seed and soil.

Make Crafts 

K-cups can be used to make a variety of crafts if you’re into that sort of thing. You can make anything from decorations to door ornaments with your empty Keurig cups.

Cups with paint brushes

Sort Change Organizer

Having loose change lying around along with old K-cups? Then you can put both to use by organizing your loose change with your K-cups.

Organize Other Small Things

K-cups are just good for organizing loose change and any other small items you have around the house—anything from buttons, fingernail clippers, batteries, or bobby pins.

Fill Your K-Cups With Paint

If you like to paint, a K-cup is the perfect size to fill with paint. You won’t have to go to a craft store and buy paint cups.

Bath Bomb Molder

K-cups are great for molding bath bombs. You can also use them more than once.

Use K-Cups for Parties

You can easily repurpose K-cups as small serving cups for a party or small get-together. They can be used to hold jello shots, dips, sauces, or even a small sample of soup.

Fruit cups

Build Sandcastles

If you have kids, K-cups are great for building sand castles, even just for them to play with in a sandbox and fill up.

Sand castle

Final Verdict

It’s good to know that you can actually re-use your old K-cups, and the processes to re-use them are relatively simple. Also, knowing that you have various ways to re-use and recycle your old K-cups is good to know.

But if you’re going to go through all of this process, then why not just buy a traditional coffee maker? You can just make coffee with a regular coffee maker and recycle the used filters and grounds. 

Although if you do own a Keurig machine, it’s good to know that you can save money using these processes.