Costco Coffee – Whole Beans To Buy (8 Reviews)

What is Whole Bean Coffee?

Costco coffee whole beans do not go through processes like regular coffee. The beans remain with pods from the farm in whole bean coffee. A regular coffee goes through crushing after the other manufacturing process. Whole-bean coffee remains in the pods. The pods make this type of coffee relatively unique.

Bean Coffee and cup

How We Tested

We selected different kinds of Costco whole-bean coffee and researched them individually. Each investigation aimed at several areas surrounding what people prefer in the best overall options. We finally came up with the top eight selections that stand over all the rest in the market.

Our Preferred Brand to Buy

After conducting thorough research on the current coffee market, we selected Dunkin Coffee, 128 K-Cup Pods , as the best overall product. Several positive facts make this brand of coffee more suitable.

Selecting the Best Coffee Beans

Many people may need help choosing the best organic coffee Costco beans. You must keep a few things in mind when selecting the best coffee beans. The points you keep in mind assure you of the best experience regarding the brewing process. Below are the main things to keep in mind when selecting your coffee beans:

  1. Freshness
  2. Single origin or blend


Costco whole coffee beans do not have a long shelf life. Remember that coffee beans are fruits and are just like any other fruit. If the coffee beans spend a lot of time on the shelf, they may lose their natural taste. These coffee beans behave just like normal fruits. Even preserving using different methods may only keep the natural taste intact for a short time.

You must ensure that the Costco coffee beans you purchase are 100% fresh. After buying, keep the coffee beans for a short time. You must use these beans at least before the end of two weeks. To get the best taste from your coffee beans, consider using them before the roast date on the package.

Single Origin or Blend

You must select your Costco whole bean coffee beans depending on how you like taking your coffee. The type of blend determines whether the coffee beans will be best for black or white coffee. You may select the blend if you love white coffee. Black coffee goes best with a single origin. For these reasons, be sure of the final taste that you desire.

Other Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Coffee Beans

  1. Know your preference
  2. Check the growing location
  3. Select the correct beans for your preference
  4. Look out for higher-altitude beans
  5. Look out for the processing method
Know Your Preference

You need to know your flavor, brand, and the blend of the final coffee drink you desire. Sometimes, you may wish to make a trial on something new but still need to consider your primary preferences. Choosing the type of Costco coffee you like begins with the most basic Arabic and Robusta.

When selecting robusta coffee beans, remember that they are from higher altitudes. Robusta coffee beans also have a bitter flavor. On the other hand, Arabica coffee beans grow in places with lower altitudes. These coffee beans are acidic and have a smoother taste.

Such basics play a huge role in making you have an easy time determining the type of coffee beans to select. Remember that the overall taste you get in the end begins with the basics. You just need to be keen to have something that fits your preference.

Check the Growing Location

The area where the coffee beans grow always plays a huge role in determining the natural taste of the coffee. To have the perfect results, you need to examine different countries and the coffee they grow closer. Some countries can produce the coffee you like, and others may not.

More than 50 countries are growing different types of coffee. You must keep a close eye on the coffee beans you wish to buy. The best coffee sellers should indicate the location of their coffee. After checking the country, you may be sure of the acidity and the flavor.

The most common coffee-growing countries are Kenya, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Hawaii, and Colombia. Each location specializes in growing different types of coffee, going with the surrounding climates. Each country and climate determine the coffee’s natural flavor and other things.

Select the Correct Beans for Your Preference

The method that you use to brew your coffee plays a huge role in determining the type of coffee beans to choose. By now, you already know that blends are perfect for a milky coffee and black goes with single-origin coffee. Farms and estates are responsible for growing single-origin coffees.

Selecting single-origin coffee beans from a farm or estate allows you to enjoy all the natural flavors. If you love your coffee white, you should be aware that the combination of coffee beans from across the world makes up the coffee blend. The blend brings a much more diverse flavor when taking your white coffee.

Remember that you may not have to use milk if you choose to take coffee blend beans. You may take the coffee just black, but the flavor may not be as wholesome as it should be in white. The decision of your final coffee drink all depends on your preference.

Look Out for Higher Altitude Beans

The sweetness level of coffee depends on the growing altitude of the coffee beans. The level of acidity in the coffee also depends on the altitude. You may likely have coffee with a high level of acidity if the beans grew at a higher altitude. The sweetness level may also be on the top when the coffee beans are from a location with a high altitude.

To get the best from your coffee drink, you must ensure that the beans come from a high-altitude location. The altitudes should be around 0.93 miles (1,500 m) or even higher. Higher locations have a history of bringing the best coffee beans. The sweetness and acidity from such high locations are well-refined.

Look Out for the Processing Method

The method of processing coffee beans is one of the primary things to look at before purchasing. Occasionally, the manufacturer may indicate the processing method of the coffee beans as “wet processed/washed” or “natural unwashed.” The information may usually be at the front or behind the packaging material.

Wet/Washed Coffee

This coffee processing method involves the removal of organic matter from the coffee beans. After picking the coffee beans, the producers usually sort out the coffee. All the unripe and defective cherries always come out. All the floaters usually come off after the cherries are out.

After removing the cherries, the pulps usually come off. In other words, the pulp is the natural skin of the cherry. A special machine known as the de-pulper is responsible for getting the skin out of the cherry. At the de-pulping stage, the coffee beans are usually on a sieve. Fermentation also comes in and lasts for about 18 to 25 hours.

The coffee stays in the fermentation tanks depending on the external temperature. Fermentation usually increases the value of the coffee beans before taking them to the next stage. Drying also comes in to complete the washing process and make the coffee beans ready. Dying these coffee beans is a highly specialized process.

Only the personnel with top skills can dry coffee beans correctly. Some large companies may use mechanical drying methods. Smaller farms use the sun but do it with a special procedure.

Natural Unwashed Coffee

Unwashed coffee has fewer complications, unlike the washed coffee variation. This simple processing method has been in place for quite a while. During this process, the coffee beans go through the sun drying process. The sun-drying process may last for up to four weeks or even more.

The drying process continues until the moisture levels reach around 10%. The final taste that arises from this method of coffee bean processing is quite different. The beans here can retain their natural flavor as much as possible.

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At a Glance: Costco Whole Coffee Bean Brands

ProductBest forFeatures
Dunkin’ Coffee, Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee  Best for drinking at daytimeComes in K-Cups, contains caffeine, has many flavors
No products found. Best for drinking before bedtimeContains vanilla, caffeine free, has low acid levels
Magnum Exotics Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee Blend - Medium - Light Roast, Whole Bean  Best for taking during daytimeContains nitrogen in the package to act as a preservative, contains caffeine, has smooth blend
Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count  Best for drinking at daytimeHas a crisp taste and feel due to the roasting levels, contains caffeine, made with dark roast coffee beans
San Francisco Bay Coffee DECAF French Roast Whole Bean, Dark Roast  Best for drinking before sleepingContains a unique flavor due to the combination of Central American and South American Coffee beans, caffeine free, comes in several flavors
STARBUCKS Espresso Roast - Whole Bean Coffee  Best for drinking during the dayThis Costco coffee is roast-free, thus creating a single unique taste, contains caffeine, has a variety of flavors
Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Major Dickason’s Blend  Best for taking during the dayComes in a variety of flavors, making it rich in taste, contains caffeine, comes from Arabican coffee beans
Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast  Best for taking during the dayContains zero GMO additions, thus fully organic, contains caffeine, comes in different packs and sizes
Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Espresso — 100% Arabica — 1 bag (18 oz)
Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee, 128 Keurig K-Cup Pods
Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count - 2.2 Lbs. Each
Product name
Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Espresso — 100% Arabica — 1 bag (18 oz)
Dunkin’ Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee, 128 Keurig K-Cup Pods
Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count – 2.2 Lbs. Each
Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Espresso — 100% Arabica — 1 bag (18 oz)
Product name
Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee — Espresso — 100% Arabica — 1 bag (18 oz)
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Dunkin' Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee, 128 Keurig K-Cup Pods
Product name
Dunkin’ Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee, 128 Keurig K-Cup Pods
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Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count - 2.2 Lbs. Each
Product name
Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count – 2.2 Lbs. Each
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The Health Benefits of Costco Coffee

Costco whole bean coffee has a wide range of health benefits for consumers. Below are some of the top health benefits of Costco coffee:

  1. Reduces the level of body fat
  2. Improves the energy levels
  3. Reduces the risk of diabetes (type 2)
  4. Increased physical activity
  5. Improves skin health
  6. Enhances heart health
  7. Lowers the risk of liver diseases
  8. Lowers the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease
  9. Costco coffee lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Reduces the Level of Body Fat

Costco coffee plays a significant role in managing the weight of a consumer. With this coffee, you can be certain of a healthy weight due to the reduction of excess fats. The caffeine in this coffee reduces the risk of several conditions resulting from too much fat in the body.

Improves the Energy Levels

Costco coffee can increase every user’s energy level since it is a stimulant. The rate of metabolism increases with an increase in caffeine. Caffeine proves to be efficient in creating energy since it releases adrenaline. With Costco whole bean coffee, fatigue may also not step in since caffeine blocks the action of adenosine.

Adenosine is the hormone responsible for body fatigue. Costco coffee becomes successful in blocking the adenosine hormone temporarily. With this coffee, you may remain as active as the caffeine is in the bloodstream until it runs out.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes (Type Two)

Consumption of Costco whole bean coffee lowers the risk of type two diabetes. Coffee works well when protecting the beta cells in the pancreas. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin. Thus, a little coffee protection always does good.

On some occasions, even coffee with lower levels of caffeine still works well in protecting the beta pancreas cells. Once the beta cells are in good shape, insulin production becomes steady. With a steady insulin flow, you can be sure of stable blood sugar levels.

Increased Physical Activities

The release of adrenaline hormone increases the capability to perform more physical activities in various ways. Caffeine aids in increasing the rate at which adrenaline comes out. Since caffeine prevents fatigue, every consumer can be sure of achieving more physical goals than a person with less caffeine.

Improves Skin Health

Costco coffee contains a lot of perks for the skin. On several occasions, photoaging may be the main issue that affects the skin. With coffee, you can be sure of healthy skin that is entirely safe from photoaging. Polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid and caffeine are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory features that help guard the skin.

Improves Heart Health

When it comes to the good health of the heart, coffee is among the perfect guardians. Costco coffee aids in improving heart health since caffeine prevents cardiovascular disease. Caffeine also prevents the risk of other heart issues, such as heart attacks. With coffee consumption, the risk of heart-related problems becomes minimal.

Lowers the Risk of Liver Diseases

Life-threatening health complications may arise from liver issues. Caffeine guards the liver against developing illnesses such as liver cirrhosis. Regular consumption of Costco coffee reduces the risk of several other liver complications.

Lowers the Risk of Getting Parkinson’s Disease

This neurological condition is usually progressive. With time natural balance and movement may become a problem. Costco whole bean coffee ensures that Parkinson’s disease never gets to you. You may be on the safer side with only a few cups of coffee every day.

Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss may arise from this brain disorder occasionally. More consumption of Costco coffee reduces the risk of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. Sometimes, coffee consumption may also reduce the level of an existing case of Alzheimer’s disease. People who have this condition may suffer from memory loss. With coffee, memory may get better.

Reviewing the Best Whole Bean Coffees to Buy From Costco

Below are our main Costco whole-bean coffee reviews:

Dunkin’ Coffee, Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee : Best for Drinking During Daytime


This perfect blend of the best medium roast coffee gives out that perfect delicious mix. A smooth and rich taste makes this coffee brand unique from many others. The natural taste of this coffee is quite the same as the ones available in Dunkin’ shops, thanks to the roasting levels.

Brand: Dunkin’

Color: Dark brown

Form: K-Cups

Flavors: Original, original blend, Colombian, espresso style, cold, midnight dark roast

Caffeine content: Contains caffeine

Roast levels: Medium roast

Country of origin: El Salvador.

No products found.: Best for Taking Before Sleeping

No products found.


This dark roast blend has several additional flavors to improve the final taste. With this Costco coffee brand, you can enjoy an improved vanilla flavor. The brand also has zero chemicals due to the processing method. The coffee beans that make this coffee brand are from countries with perfect climatic conditions proving quality.

When it comes to this Costco whole bean coffee brand, the roasting process is also relatively slow. The slow roasting process assures you of a perfectly tasting final coffee drink. This coffee brand is also decaffeinated, meaning you may take it before bedtime.

Brand: Mayorga

Color: Brown

Form: Whole bean

Flavors: Vanilla

Caffeine content: Zero caffeine

Roast level: Dark roast

Country of origin: Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua.

Magnum Exotics Coffee, Blue Mountain Coffee Blend - Medium - Light Roast, Whole Bean : Best for drinking During Daytime


This brand stands out for a smooth coffee with the perfect floral and exotic notes. The beans that make this Costco coffee whole bean go through processing while in small batches, thus creating the ideal blend. The coffee beans can last up to 14 months on the shelf due to the nitrogen preservation method in the pack.

Brand: Magnum Exotics

Color: Dark brown

Form: Whole bean
Flavors: Jamaican Blue Mountain

Caffeine content: Contains caffeine

Roast level: Lightweight

Country of origin: Brazil.

Ruta Maya Organic Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean 2 Count : Best for Taking During Daytime

Amazon’s Choice Award for Best in Roasted Coffee by Ruta Maya


This fully Arabica Costco coffee guarantees you that perfect taste with every sip. The producers hand-pick the coffee beans making this coffee brand as natural as possible. You can be sure of enjoying a crisp, smooth, organic taste due to the natural processing methods of this type of Costco coffee.

The farmers in the Mexican highlands use the oldest farming methods to bring out the best old-school-like flavor. It is relatively rare to feel the bitter taste of the dark roast in this coffee brand.

Brand: Ruta Maya

Color: Dark Brown

Form: Whole bean

Flavor: Natural

Caffeine content: Contains caffeine
Roast level: Dark roast
Country of origin: Mexico.

San Francisco Bay Coffee DECAF French Roast Whole Bean, Dark Roast : Best for Taking Before Sleeping


South American Arabica coffee teams up with the Central American ones to bring this perfect Costco coffee. This coffee brand has a smoky finish on its final flavor, creating a full-body drink. The lack of chemicals in the production process of this coffee brand assures users of a healthy drink all the way.

Brand: San Francisco Bay

Color: Dark brown

Form: Whole bean

Flavors: Decaf French roast
Caffeine content: Swiss water decaffeinated
Roast level: Dark roast

Country of origin: Brazil.

STARBUCKS Espresso Roast - Whole Bean Coffee : Best for Consuming During the Daytime


If you love roast-free coffee, this Costco coffee brand is the perfect option to select. This coffee brand has the special capability to brew with any method. Thanks to the special coffee beans, you can choose a specific brewing method. The 100% Arabica coffee assures drinkers of a fresh steaming taste all the time.

Brand: Starbucks

Color: Dark brown

Form: Whole bean

Flavors: French, espresso, Caffe Verona, breakfast, pike place, Italian, Sumatra, French, Veranda

Caffeine content: Contains caffeine

Roast level: Dark roast

Country of origin: Nicaragua, Brazil.

Peet’s Coffee, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Major Dickason’s Blend : Best for Drinking During Daytime


With this Costco whole bean coffee brand, you can enjoy a strong, flavorful coffee from the deep dark roast coffee beans. These coffee beans also can make the best cold coffee drinks. You can be sure of total freshness due to the special process of brewing. A variety of flavors also give you a chance to select the best that goes with you.

Brand: Peet’s coffee

Colors: Brown

Form: Ground and roast
Flavors: French roast, major Dickason’s

Caffeine content: Contains caffeine.
Roast level: Dark roast
Country of origin: Brazil.

Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast : Best for Drinking During the Daytime


This option is the best when looking for an organic coffee brand that can go with any coffee brewing method. With this product, you can enjoy a non-GMO beverage with the best flavors. Being a medium roast, you can experience an aromatic scent while preparing or taking your coffee drink.

Brand: Lavazza

Color: Dark brown

Form: Whole bean

Flavors: Espresso Italiano

Caffeine content: Caffeinated

Roast level: Medium roast

Country of origin: Brazil.

Storing Costco Coffee

After getting your Costco coffee, you need to know how to store it properly until the usage time arrives. There are several tips that you may use to store your coffee successfully. Below are the main Costco coffee storage tips to keep in mind:

  1. Store beans in a cool, airtight container
  2. Grind and freeze
  3. Select the perfect container
  4. Keep it under low light
  5. Buy the correct amount

Store Beans in a Cool Airtight Container

Moisture and air are the worst enemies of Costco coffee. You must always store your Costco whole bean coffee in airtight containers to prevent moisture or air from forming. After properly sealing the container for storage, you must store it at normal room temperature. The temperature aids in keeping moisture from forming.

Grind and Freeze

You may grind your Costco coffee beans and freeze the powder to increase its shelf life. With this preservation method, you still have the chance to enjoy that fresh store coffee. You may grind your coffee beans on the weekend and preserve them in the fridge throughout the week. When freezing, remember to use an airtight container.

Select the Perfect Container

You should always keep a close eye on the container you use to preserve your Costco coffee. Despite the container being able to lock out air, it should also have good material. You would prefer to avoid your coffee beans absorbing some weird smell from the material that makes the storage container. Always consider glass, metal, or ceramic containers.

Coffee on a cup

Keep the Coffee under Low Light

Too much light may harm the freshness of Costco whole-bean coffee. When using glass containers to store the coffee, you should always store them away from sunlight. You must observe the light issue even when using other containers, from metal to ceramic. Consider putting the coffee storage containers inside a cupboard.

Buy the Correct Amount

Despite having several Costco coffee storage methods, you must ensure you always buy the right amount each time. In other words, only buy coffee in bulk if you use it at home. With a few coffee beans at a time, you may easily store and preserve them as time passes.

Buying less also means that you have the chance to enjoy peak freshness all the time. Remember that you can keep your coffee for up to two weeks. Therefore, you need to finish your current supply before the two-week time interval before acquiring another batch.

The Bottom Line

Costco coffee is always a good value and a great way to save money. With products like Dunkin’ Coffee, Original Blend Medium Roast Coffee , you can be sure of the perfect flavor and the best price. It may be pretty hard to find physical stores dealing with Costco coffee, but it is always easier to find this product online.