Does The Pink Drink Have Caffeine? (Starbucks)

The Starbucks Pink Drink

The Starbucks Pink Drink is well-known for its vibrant color, but it is not due to food coloring! Does the pink drink have caffeine? Do you wish to try a Starbucks Pink Drink but aren’t sure what’s in it? Here’s a closer look at this popular refresher beverage, including what’s in it and how much caffeine it contains.

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Does the Pink Drink Have Caffeine?

You may be wondering, does the Starbucks pink drink have caffeine? The Starbucks Pink Drink, like all other Starbucks refreshers, contains caffeine, but it does not taste like coffee. This is because the refreshers all share one ingredient that provides a trace amount of caffeine: green coffee extract.

However, the pink drink does not replace a cup of coffee. So, how much caffeine is in the pink drink? The Starbucks pink drink caffeine content is consistent and low: each grande pink drink has 0.002 ounces (45 milligrams) of caffeine.

For comparison, that is only about a third of the caffeine found in a Starbucks espresso shot. As another point of comparison, a grande of Starbucks standard hot chocolate contains approximately 0.001 ounces (25 milligrams) of caffeine.

So, do pink drinks have caffeine? Yes! As you can see, the pink drink has more caffeine than the non-coffee drinks on the Starbucks drinks menu. However, this is less caffeine than the standard coffee drinks and significantly less caffeine than a Starbucks espresso shot.

The reason is the ingredients used in the Starbucks refreshers line, including the pink drink itself.

How Much is a Pink Drink at Starbucks?

A tall Pink Drink handcrafted Starbucks beverage currently costs around $4.65, a grande about $4.95, a venti about $5.65, and a trenta approximately $5.95. A grande iced tea costs about $3.45, an iced coffee costs around $3.75, and a cold brew coffee costs about $4.45.

Is the Pink Drink Good?

Given that a grande pink drink contains roughly half of the daily recommendation, it is not one of the healthiest options on the Starbucks menu. And, if you’re craving something sweet, it’s preferable to alternatives like soda.

Some say it tastes like a pink Starburst. According to Starbucks, it has ” accents of creamy coconut milk and passion fruit.” This makes it “a fruity, refreshing sip of spring. It sounds like an excellent sweet tooth cure for your next coffee shop visit.

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What is in the Pink Drink at Starbucks?

So, what exactly is the pink Starbucks drink made of? The Starbucks pink drink ingredients are fairly healthy, and if you wanted to, you could make the drink at home with little experimentation and trial and error.

The strawberry acai base, which contains sugar, water, citric acid, white grape juice concentrate, “natural flavors,” vegetable and fruit juice, natural green coffee flavor, and Rebaudioside A, is the most important component of the Starbucks pink drink.

Some of those items are more unusual than others, and one or two may be unrecognizable, so let’s take a closer look.

Rebaudioside A is the brand name for a Stevia derivative, a zero-calorie sweetener. It’s very common in drinks and food because it has the best taste of all Stevia products.

Natural flavors are a little more challenging to decipher because the ingredients list does not specify. Nonetheless, every person can agree on the flavors of this Starbucks pink drink, including strawberry, passion fruit, and acai.

The white grape juice concentrate contributes to some of the sweetness and fruity flavor, as do the freeze-dried strawberries in the mix. This leads us to another critical base component: natural green coffee flavor, a green coffee extract.

Green coffee is coffee beans that have been picked, dried, and the pulp removed but not roasted.

Because of the way green coffee beans undergo processing, the extract contains less caffeine and has a lighter flavor.

Finally, the creaminess of the Starbucks pink drink comes from sweetened coconut milk. This also helps to lighten the color.

How Much Calories are in the Pink Drink?

If you’re watching your sugar intake or counting calories, you must understand that the two major ingredients in a Pink Drink (coconut milk and strawberry acai base) contain sugar.

Because the strawberry base comes prepared when it arrives at Starbucks, the barista cannot remove the sugar from your drink. Furthermore, cane sugar is already present in the coconut milk boxes.

To summarize, a sugar-free pink drink is not available at Starbucks. However, you might enjoy the keto version of the Starbucks pink drink’s secret menu.

Pink Drink Calories by Size:

  • Tall (12 ounces (28 grams)): 110
  • Grande (16 ounces (453 grams)): 140
  • Venti (24 ounces (680 grams)): 200
  • Trenta (30 ounces (850 grams)): 270

Does Starbucks Have a Sugar-Free Pink Drink?

You cannot order a sugar-free pink drink. A pink drink contains the juice of strawberry Acai refreshers and coconut milk, both of which have sugar.

What is the Pink Drink Called?

The Starbucks pink drink is officially referred to as “the pink drink” on the Starbucks menu. However, it is simply a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk. The drink may have begun as a “secret menu” item, one of many variations created by a customer or a barista that stuck and grew in popularity over time.

The Starbucks pink drink derives its name from its appearance: it is undoubtedly the pinkest item on the menu and the pinkest of the refreshers.

Among the other drinks in the line are the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher, Dragon Drink, and Star Drink. All the beverages with the word “drink” in the title use various refresher bases blended with coconut milk.

Green coffee, an unexpected ingredient, distinguishes the entire line and represents a new way to enjoy coffee that isn’t coffee. Try the pink drink if you want a little caffeine without the full buzz.

Ordering a Pink Drink at Starbucks

It’s simple to order the pink drink because it’s on the menu. All you need to do is request a pink drink. It is available in tall, grande, venti, and trenta sizes. To order using the Starbucks app, go to the “Cold Drinks” section of the menu. Then look for Pink Drink under “Starbucks Refreshers.”

Click the customization button to change the drink. A Pink Drink with Matcha Cold Foam is a popular customization style. You must order this one in person.

Can You Make a Pink Drink Without Caffeine?

If you make it at home, you can easily leave out the caffeine. Leave out the green coffee in your pink drink recipe. Green coffee is grassy, earthy, and slightly sweet, so you’ll miss out on some flavor, but your drink will still be tasty.

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In Conclusion

Does a Pink drink have caffeine? We hope you now have the answers to your burning questions about the lovely but enigmatic Pink Drink. The caffeine in the Starbucks Pink Drink comes from green coffee and amounts to about 0.001 ounces (45 milligrams) in a Grande. What are you waiting for now? Order a Pink Drink, or better yet, make your own! Read our article and find out A List of the Most Caffeinated Drinks at Starbucks.